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Writer Sydney Bucksbaum likes to think her hobby of watching insane amounts of TV isn't an obsession... it's not an obsession, okay, so just drop it! As the resident CW-lover on the staff, she truly believes her Clark Kent/Dean Winchester/Damon Salvatore/Lucas Scott/Oliver Queen/Chuck Bass/Seymour Birkhoff/Wade Kinsella/Vincent Keller/Micah Barnes is out there somewhere, waiting for her, in real life (just go with it). After graduating from Northwestern University with a degree in journalism, Sydney has made it her mission to campaign for more shirtless scenes for her favorite CW hunks. You're welcome.
  • After The Thaw: Frozen's Red-Hot Success
    By: Sydney Bucksbaum Feb 03, 2014
    Walt Disney Pictures via Everett Collection As the animated hit 'Frozen' closes in on $1 billion dollars in international grosses, we're talking to the creatives behind the phenomenon - from the music to Josh Gad's voice work - as the creative principals talks about the making of a new classic. To read the full story, head on over to Studio System News!
  • 10 Actors Plucked From Obscurity
    By: Sydney Bucksbaum May 24, 2013
    Before Ken Jeong gave The Hangover wolf pack a cocaine mountain of troubles, and before he was delivering the result of Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogen's one-night stand in Knocked Up, he was actually giving out real medical help as a physician. In fact, he's still licensed to practice medicine in California! Jeong isn't the only actor to land a breakout role out of sheer luck and good timing. Check out our gallery of 10 actors who were plucked from obscurity: The Hangover 3 hits theaters May 23. Follow Sydney on Twitter: @SydneyBucksbaum | Follow on Twitter: @Hollywood_com More:'The Hangover 3': Is Someone Going to Die?After 'The Hangover 3' Ken Jeong Dreams of a Chow Spin-Off'The Hangover 3' Might Abandon the Formula - Trailer  From Our PartnersStars Pose Naked for 'Allure' (Celebuzz)Which Game of Thrones Actor Looks Least Like His Character? (Vulture)
  • 'Homeland' Season 3: Damian Lewis Thinks Brody Won't Survive
    By: Sydney Bucksbaum May 22, 2013
    As Homeland's Season 2 finale ended, things were not looking good for Sgt. Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis). Publically outed as a terrorist, he went on the run, heading out of the country. As the world's most wanted man, he will now be hunted by his adversary and sometime lover, CIA agent Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes). So how will Brody fare in the upcoming Season 3 of hit series Homeland? Not well, as Lewis told reporters at Cannes on Tuesday. "I think Homeland can go on forever. Whether Brody can go on forever is a different matter," Lewis says. "We’ll just play each season as it comes. Writers write themselves into interesting positions, sometimes not wholly expected positions. So it’s a continuing surprise for everybody." While Lewis acknowledges that there could possibly be a Homeland without Brody, does he think the award-winning drama has an expiration date? "I know they won't flog it," he said. "I think once it stops being interesting they'll leave it alone." Homeland Season 3 hasn’t started filming yet, but Showtime previously announced a September 29 premiere date. Lewis was at Cannes Film Festival to promote his new film The Silent Storm, a poetic romantic drama shooting this summer with co-star Andrea Riseborough.  Follow Sydney on Twitter: @SydneyBucksbaum | Follow on Twitter: @Hollywood_com More:'Homeland': 5 Important Questions We Need Answered'Homeland' Renewed For a Third Season'Homeland' Finale Recap: [Back] Into the Woods  From Our Partners:Zoe Saldana Strips Down For Magazine (Celebuzz)33 Child Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz)
  • 'JIF' Vs. 'GIF': Has the Debate Finally Been Settled?
    By: Sydney Bucksbaum May 22, 2013
    Has the age-old debate of the pronunciation of "GIF" finally been settled? If the inventor of the GIF has anything to say about, yes. Yes it has.  When Tumblr founder David Karp presented Steve Wilhite with the 17th Annual Webby Lifetime Achievement Award for inventing the GIF file format, Wilhite eschewed the traditional 5-word speech for something more fitting: a GIF. Watch the video below to see his unique acceptance of his award:  While the inventor of the GIF is the reigning authority on how his creation's name is pronounced, we refuse to call it a "JIF." We're not talking about peanut butter.  Follow Sydney on Twitter: @SydneyBucksbaum | Follow on Twitter: @Hollywood_com More:Jesse James Chops Off His Pinky Finger, Shares Stump On Instagram'Call of Duty: Ghosts' Is Why the XBox One Could Be GreatJanuary Jones Keeping Father of Her Son Xander a Secret  From Our PartnersStars Pose Naked for 'Allure' (Celebuzz)Which Game of Thrones Actor Looks Least Like His Character? (Vulture)
  • January Jones Can Really Keep a Secret: The Father of Her Son Xander
    By: Sydney Bucksbaum May 21, 2013
    In Hollywood, there's no such thing as a secret. Whether celebrities share all their personal details about their lives willingly or not, it's damn near impossible to keep something private. And yet, Mad Men star January Jones is proving that she can achieve the impossible by keeping the paternity of her son Xander a secret. Single mother Jones has refused to disclose the father of 20-month-old Xander ever since she announced her pregnancy in 2011. The actress has previously dated Ashton Kutcher, Josh Groban and Jason Sudeikis, and when she was asked to name the dad in a recent interview with The New York Times, she declined, stating, "That's my son's business. It's not the public's business." Where oh where did Jones learn this power of secret-keeping? From veteran actor Jack Nicholson. "Jack Nicholson once told me, 'You should never give your personal life away, otherwise people will pick you apart. They'll never believe in your character,'" Jones says. "Women should have lots of secrets. It's our right to have secrets. Otherwise, what would we write in our memoirs?" More power to you, Jones! Follow Sydney on Twitter: @SydneyBucksbaum | Follow on Twitter: @Hollywood_com More:January Jones Gives Birth to a Baby Boy!Ew! January Jones Joins the Placenta-Eating Trend January Jones Did Not Fine 'Fat Betty' Amusing    From Our PartnersStars Pose Naked for 'Allure' (Celebuzz)Which Game of Thrones Actor Looks Least Like His Character? (Vulture)
  • 'Byzantium' Teaches Us That If You're a Vampire, Don't Tell Anyone. Or You'll Die (For Real).
    By: Sydney Bucksbaum May 21, 2013
    Just because Twilight is (finally) over doesn't mean that vampires movies are a thing of the past. But hopefully Neil Jordan's upcoming Byzantium will be far better than Stephenie Meyer's sparkly vamps! Starring Gemma Arterton (Quantum of Solace) and Saoirse Ronan (Hanna), Byzantium follows a mother and daughter as they try to get by without giving away their bloodsucking heritage. Along the way, their history is unraveled and a young romance emerges — will that be the ultimate downfall of these crafty vamps? Check out the newly released trailer for the artsy, mature vampire flick:   Byzantium hits theaters June 28, 2013. Follow Sydney on Twitter: @SydneyBucksbaum | Follow on Twitter: @Hollywood_com More:Gemma Arterton and Saoirse Ronan Set for 'Byzantium'Artsy Vampire Flick 'Byzantium' Is Perfect for the YAF ReaderTribeca 2013: 15 Films That Belong On Your Radar  From Our PartnersStars Pose Naked for 'Allure' (Celebuzz)Which Game of Thrones Actor Looks Least Like His Character? (Vulture)
  • Justin Bieber's Monkey Is Officially German. Gluckwunsche!
    By: Sydney Bucksbaum May 21, 2013
      Remember the saga of Justin Bieber's capuchin monkey (like you could actually forget even if you tried...)? Looks like it ended Tuesday with a kind-of-happy ending... at least for Germany and the monkey. Mally the monkey was seized by German customs on March 28 when Bieber failed to show the required vaccination and import papers upon landing in Munich. Authorities issued an order on Tuesday officially transferring ownership of the animal to Germany since the pop star missed a deadline to send the documents, customs spokesman Thomas Meister told the Huffington Post. Bieber has six weeks to contest this decision, but since he already missed the important deadline to keep ownership of Mally, something tells us he won't be trying too hard to overturn the order. Mally, you're officially German! Glückwünsche (that's German for "Congratulations")! Mally is going to be sent to a German zoo and Meister said a bill for Mally's care – which he estimated at several thousand dollars – would be sent to Bieber. That seems fair. Follow Sydney on Twitter @SydneyBucksbaum | Follow on Twitter @Hollywood_com More:We Need to Talk About Justin Bieber Abandoning His Monkey in GermanyTaylor Swift is Grossed Out By Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez KissingUnhappy Hour: Justin Bieber Doesn't Care About His Monkey  From Our PartnersStars Pose Naked for 'Allure' (Celebuzz)Which Game of Thrones Actor Looks Least Like His Character? (Vulture)
  • 'Nikita' Season Finale: The End of Division, Mikita, and the World As We Know It
    By: Sydney Bucksbaum May 17, 2013
    As the end of the Nikita season finale neared, things were looking hopeful. Even though the President of the United States was dead, and Nikita was taking the public fall for it, the team was together and ready to fight to expose the truth of what Amanda had done. Michael and Nikita were alive and together, both having just narrowly escaped death. The remaining Dirty 30 agents were all dead. Division was (finally) blown to bits and the team was at a safe house. They had a tough road ahead of them but they were ready to get to work.  And then Nikita ran. She couldn't put her friends and loved ones "in the line of fire" for her anymore. She left her engagement ring on the window sill and slipped out while everyone was enthusiastically planning a way to clear Nikita's name and find out just how Amanda got the president to kill herself and frame Nikita (while unbeknownst to them, Amanda and The Shop had actually kidnapped the real president back at the international summit last episode, and planted a clone that committed suicide and framed Nikita). When Alex, Ryan, Birkhoff, Michael, and Sonya realized Nikita was no longer in the room with them, Michael knew instantly what was happening. He ran after her, calling her on her cell, but she was long gone, and her cell phone discarded. He found the ring, and the tears started flowing. "Mikita" has weathered so much this season, from Michael's son with another woman to Nikita chopping off his hand. Even in Friday's finale, Nikita almost lost Michael when he volunteered to have his heart stopped for 20 minutes to kill all the nanotoxins in his body so Amanda couldn't trigger them and Nikita wouldn't have to go through with killing the president. When they tried reviving him, it took too long, and when the music started swelling it looked like we had lost another major Nikita player (RIP Sean Pierce, I'm still not done mourning you!). I'm not going to lie, I was sobbing. There was no way after suffering from heart failure for longer than 20 minutes that Michael would survive, and even if he did, there had to have been some brain damage, right? But miraculously, Michael gained conciousness with a witty one-liner that let everyone know he was alive and well, no brain damage at all! Everyone was happy, safe, and ready to clear Nikita's name... except for Nikita. We've seen Nikita struggle with letting go and working as a team the entire series, and even when we thought she might finally let her guard down with her friends and fiance, she reverted back to Season 1's Nikita. Setting off on her own will certainly make it harder for her to clear her name, but she never could truly allow her loved ones to risk their lives for her. She always tries to solve her problems on her own, as we've seen in many previous missions.  As we head in a shortened, and final, Season 4 (six episodes, to be exact), we can sure as hell expect Michael to hunt down his future-wife, force that ring back on her finger, and help her clear her name, whether she wants him to or not. But knowing Nikita, and how amazing she is at disappearing, he might have a tough road ahead of him. If he can find her, will "Mikita" ever be the same again? We'll have to wait until the final six episodes of the series air to find out the fate of Michael and Nikita, as well as bad-guy-possibly-turned-good-guy Sam (no longer Owen), Alex's new role as a UN spokesperson, and Amanda and The Shop's plans for their presidential hostage. Until then, time to go back and re-watch Season 3! Follow Sydney on Twitter: @SydneyBucksbaumFollow on Twitter: @Hollyw00d_com More:'Nikita' Star Dillon Casey Teases Two Major DeathsDillon Casey on How 'Nikita' Turned Sean Into a Stoner'Nikita': Devon Sawa on Owen in Love  From Our Partners:Zoe Saldana Strips Down For Magazine (Celebuzz)33 Child Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz)
  • Kelly Rowland Will Probably Be Your New 'X Factor' Judge
    By: Sydney Bucksbaum May 17, 2013
      Who run the world? Girls. And they'll likely be running X Factor for Season 3 as well. Destiny's Child singer Kelly Rowland is near a deal to join the singing competition show as a judge, EW reports. The judges' panel will likely consist of executive producer Simon Cowell, returning judge Demi Lovato, Rowland and one other female judge (rumors are floating that Latina singer/actress Paulina Rubio is in talks to sit in the fourth chair on the panel). reached out for comment but did not hear back in time for publication. Grammy-winning Rowland would fit right in on the judges panel, having extensive singing experience as a founding member of Destiny's Child, as well as serving as a judge on the eighth season of the UK version of X Factor. Let's hope Rowland and Fox near a deal soon, since X Factor starts production on Season 3 this Tuesday. Talk about under the wire! Follow Sydney on Twitter: @SydneyBucksbaumFollow on Twitter: @Hollywood_com More:New 'X Factor' Season: No More Khloe KardashianDemi Lovato Will Return As Judge On 'X Factor''X Factor' Loser's First Single About Khloe Kardashian  From Our Partners:Zoe Saldana Strips Down For Magazine (Celebuzz)33 Child Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz)
  • 'Scandal' Season Finale: Cast and Creator Weigh In On All Those Crazy Twists and Turns
    By: Sydney Bucksbaum May 17, 2013
      Have you caught your breath yet? The Scandal season finale was one crazy ride, with so many twists and turns packed into one hour-long episode that even the stars were left shocked when they first learned what was going down. "By the end of the table read, we were all shaking and breathless. I was shaken up by that experience," Tony Goldwyn, who plays President Fitzgerald Grant, tells "The biggest surprise to me was the ending." That shocking moment Goldwyn is referring to is the big reveal that Rowan (Joe Morton), the head of B6-13, is actually Olivia Pope’s (Kerry Washington) father! "I think you’ll need these two months hiatus to catch your breath and recover from that reveal," Goldwyn says. Yeah, we couldn’t agree more! But was the reveal too out of the blue? Washington doesn't think so. "I really trust these writers. Every time I have an idea, they come up with something so much better," Washington says. The big reveal occurred after Olivia was ambushed by the press, since it looks like her name was leaked as being the mysterious mistress of President Grant (but leaked by whom?). Olivia was pulled into a limo with Rowan, and upon seeing his face, merely called out, "Dad?" Now that raises so many more questions about why Rowan wanted Jake (Scott Foley) to kill Olivia. "Hold on to your seats," Morton says. "It’s nice being the guy in the shadow for once. I knew who he was going into the role. That’s the fun part, knowing where you’re going but you can’t play it." While we’ll have to wait all summer before Scandal returns to find out more about Olivia’s dad, Morton did shed some light on his character. "He’s more or less a bad character," Morton says. "I haven’t had the opportunity to play many villains so this is the closest I’ve gotten to it so far." Speaking of the return of Scandal, thank the white hats there is a Season 3 or else that cliffhanger would be one difficult pill to swallow. "It’s wonderful that we have another season," Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes says. "I’ve actually known for a while, but to have it official was so exciting." Her advice for waiting out the summer? "Hug a friend," Rhimes says. "I think that people will enjoy it. I hope that they enjoy it!" Something the fans won’t enjoy? The unknown fate of B6-13 assassin Jake. After saving Olivia’s life – again – Rowan threw him in the hole for disobeying orders to kill her. Is Rowan trying to make Jake forget Olivia like Huck forgot his wife and child? "If I could tell you, I would. If I knew, I would," Foley tells "His feelings for Olivia, whether or not they continue past this episode is something I can’t tell you." While Foley couldn’t dish on how the hole will affect Jake, he did have a lot to say about the shocking return of Billy Chambers (Matt Letscher). "No one saw that coming. Billy Chambers was supposed to have been killed in the last episode of the first season," Foley says. But as we found out in the finale, Billy talked his way out of his assassination only to come back with a vengeance: to take down the President. "When Matt walked into the room at that table read, everyone went, ‘Oh my god!’ We were all just blown away." Letscher was also shocked that his character was returning… since he also thought he was dead! "Knowing Shonda and how she works, I kept thinking that he could be brought back because we never saw him die. You see everybody else die but not him. And lo and behold, it ended up being the truth,"Letscher says. The return of Billy Chambers, while shocking, also caused some issues for the Gladiators as he was trying to use the Defiance secret to bring down the President. But he was foiled by David Rosen (Joshua Malina), and the truth came out that Billy was the mole, and responsible for many unsolved murders. "To play a prominent role in the way that things unfolded in the finale, it was really fun," Letscher says. After last week’s reveal that David Rosen was the one working with Billy, many fans thought David was betraying the Gladiators. It turns out, he was actually manipulating Billy into confessing all his crimes while David wore a wire. He exposed Billy as the mole and earned himself a new job: the US Attorney for DC. "I was so delighted. I found out a day before we started shooting it," Malina tells "I had a feeling for a long time, but as much as it looked like he was going one way, Shonda likes to get you off balance. So it felt like something was coming but I could never get ahead of her and guess what it was." David had been planning his move for a long time, ever since he started sleeping on the couch at Olivia Pope and Associates. Every night, he would try hundreds and hundreds of combinations on Olivia’s safe to try and get the Cytron card to fake out Billy. Now that’s some serious dedication! "You were questioning his motivation for a while, like, ‘What a loser.’ He’s literally hanging out on the couch and eating the cereal of the people who have ruined him," Malina says. "I like that he’s got a little more fire to him than people were giving him credit for." So what does this mean for David and Abby (Darby Stanchfield), if David didn’t actually betray the Gladiators? "I love this relationship that Shonda has created. It continues to be unpredictable, it’s not really conventional, and it’s a little strange in how they connect," Stanchfield tells "Abby hasn’t really known a good guy in her life so maybe doesn’t know what a healthy relationship looks like, so when she tries to sort it out she slaps him in the face, sticks her fingers in his mouth and calls that love." We don’t have just Abby and David questions. We also have Olivia and Rowan questions, Olivia and Jake questions, Olivia and Fitz questions, Fitz and Mellie questions, Huck and Quinn questions, Cyrus and James questions, Rowan and Jake questions, Fitz and Jake questions: questions, questions everywhere and not a Scandal to drink. At least not until Season 3! Follow Sydney on Twitter: @SydneyBucksbaum More:ABC Renews 'Scandal,' 'Nashville,' and MoreKerry Washington Dishes On Her 'Scandal' Costar's Kissing SkillsKerry Washington On How to Avoid a 'Scandal' Like a Pro  From Our Partners:Zoe Saldana Strips Down For Magazine (Celebuzz)33 Child Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz)