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  • The CW Renews 'Arrow,' 'The Vampire Diaries,' and 'Supernatural'
    By: Sydney Bucksbaum Feb 11, 2013
    The CW has granted early pickups to its three top series for the 2012-2013 season. It was announced today by CW President Mark Pedowitz that freshman hit Arrow, as well as The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural, will return in fall of 2013. “We said last year that one of our goals was to establish building blocks to grow on, and now with our new hit Arrow and fan-favorite Supernatural on Wednesday night, and the continued success of The Vampire Diaries on Thursday, we’ve been able to do that,” said Pedowitz. “Not only do Arrow, Supernatural, and The Vampire Diaries perform well on-air, they’re also extremely successful for us both digitally and socially. I’m thrilled to have all three shows returning to our schedule next season.” RELATED: 'The Vampire Diaries' Spinoff Details Plus Renewal Odds for 'Supernatural' and More CW Shows One of the few true breakout hits this season, Arrow earned The CW’s best series premiere ratings since 2009 (the premiere of The CW's top-rated drama, TVD) and is currently the network's most watched show. TVD will be in its fifth season in the fall, and might inspire its own spin off show should the backdoor pilot for The Originals (airing April 25 as an episode of TVD) be picked up for a full season. RELATED: Sebastian Roche on 'The Originals': Could We Possibly See the Original Dad? Fan-favorite series Supernatural will return for its ninth season.  Since being paired with Arrow on Wednesday nights this year, Supernatual has seen a dramatic ratings increase from last season, rising 15% among total viewers.  Follow Sydney on Twitter: @SydneyBucksbaum [Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW] From Our Partners: Young Han Solo Movie: Dave Franco to Star? (Moviefone) Justin Bieber Drug and Cheating Rumors?! (Vh1)
  • 'The Carrie Diaries': 5 Things to Know About Tonight's 'Dangerous Territory'
    By: Sydney Bucksbaum Feb 11, 2013
    Tonight's episode of The Carrie Diaries introduces new faces, new locations, and new issues for pre-Sex and the City Carrie Bradshaw. got the chance to screen "Dangerous Territory" beforehand as well as grill creator and executive producer Amy B. Harris all about it, so check out all the juicy scoop as well as what to expect from tonight's episode below: 1. New relationships are introduced, and they're here to stay When a childhood friend, George, comes back into Carrie's life, it might be enough to make her say, Sebastian who? "He’s definitely someone new in Carrie’s life who’s going to be around for a nice little arc," Harris says. "I like triangles and this time there’s a quadrangle coming with Donna and Sebastian and Carrie having the possibility of George. Even though he comes from this intense world, he’s more relaxed than Sebastian. I like that about him." George, the son of Carrie's father's friend, also introduces Carrie to a side of Manhattan she has yet to see: the Upper East Side social scene. "This was a way to bring in the Upper East Side social world which was so big in the 80s and it was really its own pocket," Harris says. "Nowadays, the Gossip Girl world is all sort of merged, downtown, uptown, but in the 80s it was very much just an uptown experience to have those kind of people. I was excited to play with that." 2. Carrie's virginity: to lose, or not to lose? Because George might be sticking around for a while, the issue of losing her virginity is introduced for Carrie. " What I love about Carrie is she actually values her virginity and thinks a lot of what that might be and who she wants to give it to," Harris says. "George, being older and from a more sophisticated world, has a different attitude about it. Some people think virginity is something to get out of the way and some people think it’s a treasured milestone mark and I like putting Carrie up against people with different points of view about it than her."   RELATED: 'Carrie Diaries' Star Freema Agyeman Hasn't Seen 'Sex and the City' Finale 3. Walt and Seth come to blows... over Mouse?!? What could possibly drive these two mild-mannered boys to throw punches? It has a little something do with S-E-X, and you'll be surprised at the secrets that Walt, Seth, and Mouse all reveal. 4. Walt's struggle with his sexuality is going to be a long journey Despite his experience kissing Bennett at the Halloween party, Walt is very much back together with Maggie. But just because he's hiding behind her doesn't mean his journey to discover himself is over. "It’s 2013, and that’s obviously a much better time to know you’re gay in high school for a lot of people," Harris says. " What was so compelling about telling this story in 1984, the truth is nobody was coming out in high school. When I wrote the pilot I thought he was going to come out a lot faster but then when I watched it I realized that in the time frame it’s in, it’s a very difficult thing. I wanted to tell his story in a longer, more drawn-out way because it’s the truth. I wanted that experience to be real for Walt, which is painful and scary." Harris also teased that Bennett will return, and there will "be a lot of fallout for" Maggie and Walt. 5. Larissa and Donna are going to become increasingly complicated characters. Larissa may not be in tonight's episode, but she is going to continue to be a huge factor in Carrie's growing love for Manhattan. "For Carrie, Larissa is this role model slash cautionary tale, but she is opening up ideas and doors for Carrie that she had never thought of before," Harris says. "That’s going to become a direct conflict for Carrie and her father as the season goes on. Larissa is complicated and she’s got some of her own fears but she’s also conquering Manhattan in a way that Carrie finds very exciting." And as for Donna, Carrie's nemesis and competition for Sebastian's affections? She's going to become more and more of a complicated character and less of a one-shot villain. "Donna is going to show some surprising colors throughout the season. You’ll very much find her redeemable," Harris says. "Out of everyone on this show, she’s the only one that doesn’t lie. She’s always honest, even if it’s mean. Which it often is. You’re going to find her very surprisingly filled with heart in some upcoming episodes." Watch The Carrie Diaries Mondays at 8 PM ET/PT on The CW. Follow Sydney on Twitter: @SydneyBucksbaum [Photo Credit: Patrick Harbron/The CW] From Our Partners: Grammys: 11 Most Memorable Gifs (Celebuzz) 20 Worst Outfits at the Grammys (Vh1)
  • Grammy Awards: J.Lo's Plunging Dress and More of the Most Controversial Moments Ever
    By: Sydney Bucksbaum Feb 09, 2013
    CBS has gone to great lengths to ensure that when viewers tune in to the 55th Annual Grammy Awards to see their favorite artists perform and take home the industry's top award, they'll get an entertaining night of performances and trophies and not much more. But music's biggest night hasn't always gone quite so smoothly... Since most award shows air live, there are infinite opportunities for someone to say or do something unexpected and controversial. Before this year's Grammy Awards, we rounded up all the crazy, wild, and wacky moments from Grammys past. From onstage protests to shocking collaborations, awards being taken away and questionable wardrobe choices, check out the most controversial Grammy moments in our gallery: The Most Controversial Grammy Moments Gallery The 55th Annual Grammy Awards air Sunday at 8 PM ET/PT on CBS. Follow Sydney on Twitter: @SydneyBucksbaum From Our Partners: Young Han Solo Movie: Dave Franco to Star? (Moviefone) Justin Bieber Drug and Cheating Rumors?! (Vh1)
  • George W. Bush Nude Portraits Leaked: Check Out Other Pop Culture Nude Art!
    By: Sydney Bucksbaum Feb 08, 2013
    While the fact that a cache of e-mails to and from various Bush family members leaked online recently isn't inherently scandalous, two image files included in the political family's correspondence sure are: Former President George W. Bush allegedly sent his sister two unfinished portraits of himself in the tub and the shower ... naked. Yeah, you read that right — our president of eight years is nude in these paintings. And the former POTUS is the one who did it. Sure, the portraits aren't actually revealing in any way, but come on. The former President. Painted himself. Naked.  That's just pop culture gold right there. In his honor, rounded up a few of the best (or at least funniest) tasteful nude portraits in pop culture history. Check them out below: RELATED: Pop Culture Moments That Would Have Been Better Naked Vince Vaughn's hard-partying playboy in Wedding Crashers didn't paint himself nude, nor did he even pose for his portrait, but he loved it nontheless. "It was a gift!"  Probably one of the most iconic nude portraits in pop culture was when Jack drew Rose before the Titanic met its unfortunate fate. "So serious!"  Who knew Jerry from Parks and Rec was such an artist? Starting at 3:03, check out his amazing, nude centaur incarnation of his boss, Leslie Knope. And last but not least, how could we not include Will Ferrell (aka the greatest George W. Bush impersonator) as the inspiration in a nude sculpting class in a Saturday Night Live sketch? Follow Sydney on Twitter: @SydneyBucksbaum [Photo Credit: The Smoking Gun] From Our Partners: Celebrity Swimsuits Ever (Celebuzz) Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz)
  • 'Grey's Anatomy': Constance Zimmer on Dr. Alana Cahill's Plan to Save (Sell) Seattle Grace
    By: Sydney Bucksbaum Feb 07, 2013
    Grey's Anatomy dropped a huge shocker last week when physician's advisor Dr. Alana Cahill revealed that the only way to save Seattle Grace from its inevitable bankruptcy is to sell it. But what does that mean for our favorite doctors, the ones with and without a large settlement from the plane crash fiasco? got the chance to chat with the woman behind the bearer of bad news, Constance Zimmer, about just that. Check out what she had to say about Thursday's all-new episode, Cahill's future (and her mysterious past with Dr. Weber!), and Seattle Grace itself: RELATED: 'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: The Fate of Seattle Grace Comes to a (Fore)Closure So tell me about Thursday’s episode, “The Face of Change”? Constance Zimmer: I am bringing in some potential buyers to look at the hospital, and I show them everything I have implemented to make it a very well-oiled machine. At the same time, we’re trying to put a face to the hospital — specifically Jackson and Alex — so they are trying to compete to be the face of the hospital. And the rest of the hospital is trying to see how it’s going to operate without any ER anymore. So that brings up conflict, and it brings up people needing to do things behind other people’s backs. So if there are multiple interested buyers, is there a difference between them? Yes, it depends. For instance, we’re bringing in this company called Pegasus. Pegasus is a company that has taken over other hospitals, so Richard and Callie end up going on an adventure searching out these other hospitals that Pegasus has taken over, seeing how it would change their hospital if and when they were to take over Seattle Grace. It’s a very specific buyer, but they have to be able to see what they’ll get out of it. Would this potential sale be good for the hospital and our favorite doctors? Everybody has their own opinion. As far as Cahill’s opinion is concerned, it should be better for the doctors, because a more efficient hospital should be better for everybody, right? Patients and doctors and everybody involved. But I’m sure that the doctors don’t think so. Should we be worried about the fate of anyone’s job during all these changes? Anybody’s at risk when there’s a big change going on. But I also know that the risk means that people need to step up more. It’s a matter of if they could all step up. Even though they might be at risk, they can solve their own problems just by working together. You would hope. RELATED: 'Grey's Anatomy' Preview: Mr. Seattle Grace So we know that Alex and Jackson are going to be competing to be the face of Seattle Grace. Does that title come with any perks? Not necessarily. It just means you get to see their face all over the hospital. It would be like being the brand ambassador. Going and having meetings, talking to people about the hospital — so they need an overall good package. Somebody that can represent the hospital overall; what it does for the patients and for people that work there. Why was Cahill so reluctant to catch up with Dr. Weber, even though they knew each other from a long time ago? Is there a deeper story behind that? The immediate story between them is that Dr. Weber represents a time in her life that is not a good time. It was something very specific that caused their time together to be cut short. You will get to hear the story in some episodes coming up about why that all stopped so abruptly. I just think that Weber represents a dream of hers that didn’t get to come to fruition. She doesn’t really have anything against him, it just reminds her of what she lost. Does that have anything to do with why she stopped operating and became a physician’s advisor? Yes. What happened to her to make her stop doing surgery was just too much emotionally. So she chose a profession where she could help people, but do it in a way where she maybe had more control over the situation. Will Dr. Cahill be sticking around for a while, or have we almost neared the end of the line for her? I did a total of five episodes, and this week will be my third. So you still have a couple more for me to bring in bad news! Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9 PM ET/PT on ABC. [Photo Credit: ABC] Follow Sydney on Twitter @SydneyBucksbaum From Our Partners: 40 Most Scandalous See-Through Red Carpet Looks (Vh1) Insane ‘ Fast & Furious 6’ Trailer! (Moviefone)
  • 'Supernatural': Dean's Gay Thing, Sam's Geek Thing
    By: Sydney Bucksbaum Feb 07, 2013
    After the introduction of the Men of Letters last week on Supernatural, we knew that Sam and Dean would make their way to the bunker that held all of their research, scrolls, artifacts, and other assorted tools, and that this place would become the brothers’ home base. What we didn’t realize was just how much Sam and Dean have been craving that place of stability. All their lives, Sam and Dean have been on the road. The only real home they’ve ever had was the Impala, and living in a car is not so glamorous or comforting. Sure, they temporarily found relief in Bobby’s house, and Rufus’s cabin, but that was Bobby’s house, and Rufus’s cabin. Sam and Dean have never had a place all their own; somewhere safe, comfortable, and permanent. You could see the glee on their faces when they first stepped into the bunker. And how could they not feel that way: the place is beautiful! Filled to the brim with information, research, and artifacts, Sam was geeking out. And Dean? He was content to be able to take a hot shower, put on a “dead guy’s” bathrobe and slippers, and sip on some whiskey. In classy crystal glasses, no less! RELATED: 'Supernatural' Boss on Henry Winchester's [Spoiler] and the Men of Letters The brothers were instantly hooked. When Dean left briefly to check in on Kevin and Garth, Sam found a case in his research, and it was obvious that Dean didn’t want to leave so soon, whining, “I just got back!” Don’t worry, Dean, you’ll be back soon enough! This bunker is going to serve as Sam and Dean’s home base for the rest of the season, if not the series. While we could spend time discussing the great comedic qualities the case of the week brought us (Nazi necromancers and a Jewish guy who didn’t know how to control his giant Golem, a man made out of clay, that his grandfather left him), I’d rather spend some time acknowledging the amazingness that was Dean getting hit on by a guy. Sure, the guy was just faking it to see why Dean was looking in to his grandfather’s death, but still. That was glorious. I think I rewound that scene about five times. I think I might re-watch it right now. And the hilarity of Sam not quite understanding what Dean meant by “my gay thing” made the situation all the better. Gay guys need to hit on Dean more. Please! RELATED: 'Supernatural' React: Back to the Good Old Days... Or Is It? Thanks in large part to their happiness at finding a home at last, Sam and Dean were back to their usual brotherly love this week. While they still have yet to really deal with their issues, they were having fun with each other finally. They even reverted back to some of their old codes. While talking on the phone, Sam told Dean, “I think I have something stuck to my shoe,” which meant, “I’m being followed,” and Dean immediately knew what to do. The fierce protective way Dean jumped into action to save his brother was reminiscent of Season 1 or 2, when Sam and Dean would move the sun and moon to save each other. All in all, this week was a fun break from the intense tablet/angel/demon drama that has been plaguing the Winchesters all season. It was nice to see Sam and Dean truly happy and comfortable. That toast at the end of the episode filled me with such pride at how far the brothers have come, and I truly hope they have good times ahead for them. They are finally home! Finally happy! With their surroundings, situation, and each other! This is good. But, this is Supernatural, and we know Sam and Dean will always be screwed when it comes to forces outside their control. So let them have this moment, because a storm is brewing. Promos for next week show that Kevin has figured out a way to shut the doors of Hell forever, so Sam and Dean need to get back to work. RELATED: 'Supernatural' React: Sam and Dean Made Their Bed, Now They Have to Lie In It And now, the best quotes from “Everybody Hates Hitler” (there were a lot!): Dean: The water pressure in the letter shower room is marvelous! Sam: I still can’t even figure out how we have water… or electricity. Dean: Yeah, well, I am putting that under the ain’t broke column. Sam: Are you going to take off the dead guy robe? Dean: He was my gay thing. Dean: Ahhhh! My spleeeen! Aaron, explaining what a Golem is: Shaped from clay, and brought to life by rabbis to protect the Jewish people in times of, I don’t know, general crappiness. Aaron: What, do you two just break in wherever you go? Dean: Well our dad wanted us to have a solid career to fall back on just in case this hunting thing didn’t work out. Aaron, watching Sam and Dean warm their hands on the burning corpse of a Nazi necromancer: Oh my god. These guys are psychopaths. [Photo Credit: Liane Hentscher/The CW] Follow Sydney on Twitter @SydneyBucksbaum You Might Also Like: Hot Young Politicians Who Wore This Crazy Hat? Stars Who Changed Their Look
  • 'Beauty and the Beast': Bridget Regan On Vincent and Alex's 'Romantic' Episode
    By: Sydney Bucksbaum Feb 07, 2013
    Despite Catherine’s claim that she was going to fight for Vincent’s heart at the end of last week’s Beauty and the Beast, she'll have a hard time getting her happily ever after thanks to Vincent’s ex-fiancé Alex, who is determined to pick things up where she and her former love left off 10 years ago when he shipped off to Afghanistan. But Alex still doesn’t know Vincent’s secret side, a.k.a. the beast that comes out when he gets angry. Will she finally find out the truth in tonight's episode, “Cold Turkey?" And if she does, will she still be so eager to leave the country with him? couldn’t wait until tonight’s episode to get answers, so we went straight to the source herself: the lovely Bridget Regan, who plays Alex. Read up on all of the juicy scoop we could get out of her: RELATED: 'Beauty and the Beast': Jay Ryan On the 'Love Square,' Vincent's Past, and the Rest of Season 1 So is Alex ever going to find out Vincent’s big secret, or is he determined to keep her in the dark? Bridget Regan: “That’s the challenge and also a part of the appeal of why Vincent is enjoying being around her — she doesn’t know this whole ugly part of him that is the reality of who he is now. He gets to live in the past and live in the fantasy without anyone looking at him like he is a beast.” Even though she knows part of the truth – that Vincent is presumed dead for government reasons – she still didn’t understand why he couldn’t give the police his name last week. Why did she not piece that together? “Alex has no idea, which is hard to keep in mind. So something like breaking in to the ice rink and getting caught by the police is not a big deal to her. The reality has started to set in for Vincent, after having to face Catherine after bailing him out. She might need to find out. That’s Vincent’s predicament. Alex is just living in this la-la land. She thinks she can just run away with him and join this Doctors Without Borders thing. She’s oblivious.” Is Alex going to find out that Catherine is more than just Vincent’s handler? “Alex started to get this instinct of, ‘Something’s going on here. Something’s amiss. Maybe’s there’s something more between him and Catherine.’ But she didn’t want to believe that. Everyone’s been in a situation that is obviously one thing but your mind really wants to believe the story. She just loves him so much and they were together for so long but then he disappeared. She was told he was dead. She’s really in a lot of shock about the whole thing. She is just happy to have the man she loves back in her life because she hasn’t found anyone else like him.” RELATED: 'Beauty and the Beast': Jay Ryan on Alex Vs. Cat and the Manhunt For Vincent Why do you think JT is on Catherine’s side of the love triangle? He hasn’t been her biggest fan in the past. “What’s interesting is that we grew up together. Me, JT, Vince, Vince’s brothers, we all lived on the same street, went to the same school. We were all friends. It’s interesting that JT wouldn’t side with Alex considering they have this history together. But JT also has a lot more knowledge of the reality of the situation than Alex does at this point. He really understands the best out of anyone what’s happening to Vincent’s body and mind and Alex has no idea, whereas Catherine does. And Catherine is on his side and defending him and comes to his rescue when he needs it. So I think I can understand why he would root for her instead of Alex.” Tell me about tonight’s episode, “Cold Turkey.” “Alex wants to take Vincent away for a weekend to her family’s cabin in the woods. It was this special place for Vince and Alex when they were a young couple and they would go there to get away from it all and be alone. Alex wants to pick up where they left off and go have a romantic weekend. So she goes and asks Catherine for permission if she can take him away because she still thinks Catherine is his handler. She’s trying to follow the rules and be respectful, so that’s why she goes and asks for permission. And a lot happens, but Alex just wants to reconnect with him in a really romantic way.” Beauty and the Beast airs Thursdays at 9 PM ET/PT on The CW. [Photo Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW] Follow Sydney on Twitter @SydneyBucksbaum You Might Also Like: Hot Young Politicians Who Wore This Crazy Hat? Stars Who Changed Their Look
  • 'Arrow' Recap: One Mother of a Betrayal
    By: Sydney Bucksbaum Feb 06, 2013
    It’s about time! After weeks of inching closer and closer to the truth only to be misdirected each time, Oliver finally realized his mother Moira was hiding something shady and took matters into his own hands tonight on Arrow. On came the hood, up came the bow and arrow, and out came the words, “Moira Queen, you have failed this city!” That’s right, Oliver targeted his mom to get to the bottom of her lies. You see, after Felicity gave Oliver The List that Walter had, Oliver was still in denial that his mother had anything to do with the low lives and corrupt business people that he dedicated his life to taking down. Diggle didn’t have the same blinders on, though, and worked his hardest to prove to Oliver that Moira was lying. That involved tailing Moira, under the guise of being her driver. He happened to catch a bit of her conversation with Malcolm Merlyn about “the undertaking,” as well as that the Queen’s Gambit was sabotaged. Diggle played the recorded conversation for Oliver who knew the only way to figure out what “the undertaking” is was to confront her, hood and all. But while all this family drama was happening, another woman close to Oliver was getting into a bit of trouble. Laurel was trying to put a just-released murderer, Cyrus Vanch (welcome to the Arrow universe, David Anders!), back into prison, but since he got off on a technicality, she needed to work outside the law to find enough evidence to put him away for good. Good thing she has that phone to contact the Hood! You remember, the phone Det. Lance bugged so he can eavesdrop on every call! Not creepy at all, right? Because she was playing Maid Marion to Robin Hood, Det. Lance and his task force were able to crash Laurel and Arrow’s meeting. This didn’t accomplish anything besides Arrow giving Det. Lance quite a head shot and pissing off Laurel once she figured out her dad betrayed her. RELATED: 'Arrow' Recap: Dizzy With Power Arrow was still able to glean enough information from Laurel that she needed evidence that Cyrus Vanch was doing something – anything! – illegal so he paid the criminal a house call. Thanks to a handy recording device on an arrow, Oliver was able to get a recorded confession from Vanch that he was interested in filling the current power vacuum of Starling City since both the Triad and the Bertinelli group are still leaderless. Boom: evidence. Unfortunately that arrow recording device was discovered by Vanch, who realized that taking down the hooded vigilante was the best way to gain respect among the criminal community. Turns out, Vanch also has a mole on Det. Lance’s task force, so he knew that Laurel was the way to get to Arrow. Some goons showed up at her apartment, and I have to be honest, here: I totally forgot that Laurel could fight! She was totally holding her own there until Vanch stepped in with a taser (cheater...).  Oliver knew he couldn’t take Vanch’s veritable fortified castle on his own, so he teamed up with the most unlikely ally: Det. Lance. Both men knew they had to put their differences aside to save the woman they both loved. And of course Tommy just sat around moping (at least he knows he’s got competition from Arrow for Laurel’s heart!). RELATED: 'Arrow' Recap: Trust Is a Two Way Street I got such a kick out of how much Vanch underestimated Arrow. The way the camera kept comically cutting between Vanch’s explanation of how there was no way Arrow could get past all the men he had stationed around the house, no way he could get past the sharpshooters on the roof, no way he could get into the house at all, and Arrow just being his regular badass self taking out every obstacle in his way like it was no big deal was all kinds of perfect. Vanch thought he finally had Arrow right where he wanted him when Det. Lance came in guns blazing. I think we saw a little bit of understanding from Det. Lance of Arrow, because for a second, he wanted to kill Vanch, regardless of the trouble he would get in from police. That’s exactly what Arrow does, because he’s not held back by the law. Could we be seeing a thaw in the ice that surrounds Det. Lance? After Vanch was put away, Arrow approached Laurel and basically told her he couldn’t risk her life again, and that this was goodbye for them. We’ll see just how long that lasts, though. Oliver can’t stay away from Laurel, and Laurel can’t stay away from Arrow. RELATED: 'Arrow' Recap: Burning Love And in this week’s island flashback, we see Oliver has followed Yao Fei’s map to… whoa, is that the plane from LOST? In the wreckage, we meet Slade Wilson (welcome to the Arrow universe, Manu Bennett!), who we all thought was Deathstroke, the guy who tortured Oliver – seeing as how he has the same face mask Deathstroke always wears – but it turns out Slade had a partner with the same mask. Slade and his partner are Australian Secret Intelligence, on the island to rescue Yao Fei, but Yao Fei was compromised. Now Slade will be Oliver’s mentor, training him to fight so they can take the airstrip together and get off the island. Now, we know that Oliver doesn’t get off the island for five years, and he was alone when he was rescued. How did he get from working with Slade to get off the island to being all alone? There’s clearly a lot more to this story that we're going to see. [Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW] Follow Sydney on Twitter @SydneyBucksbaum You Might Also Like: Hot Young Politicans Who Wore This Crazy Hat? Stars Who Changed Their Look
  • Cirque Du Soleil Teams Up With Skrillex For EDM Las Vegas Nightclub
    By: Sydney Bucksbaum Feb 06, 2013
    Cirque Du Soleil has just signed Skrillex as well as other big-name DJs to do residencies at its new Las Vegas nightclub. LIGHT Nightclub opens April 26 at the Mandalay Bay and will feature theatrical elements not normally found in a club but which are par for the course at a Cirque Du Soleil or Electronic Dance Music show, like dangling contortionists and complicated light shows. "The LIGHT Skrillex show is going to be only in Vegas," Skrillex says. "I want it be distinct to the LIGHT club because the configuration is so customizable, it's f***ing crazy. That's the thing about the club, too: they can do anything, so it's how you maximize the dynamic of a great show with all their f***ing bells and whistles and all of their budgets and resources to do anything." Other DJs who have joined the Grammy-winning dubstep artist in signing up with the club for residencies are Sebastian Ingrosso, Alesso, Baauer, and Zedd, who calls LIGHT “a theater play with music.” Each artist's residency will incorporate all new lights, acrobats, music, and change up the overall experience. Ingrosso, who is touring with his group Swedish House Mafia one last time before the group breaks up for good, is looking forward to taking his solo career back to the club dance floor. RELATED: Will Daft Punk's New Album Be Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger? "Production on dance shows has been escalating for a long time now. Swedish House Mafia shows have been something we build for months before a tour," he says. "But this is putting the production layers back where this all began: the club dance floor. This isn't a huge arena, this is a club, and the vibe in a club is very different and special. This isn't escalating up, this is it taking it back to the dance floor and we'll all see where it takes us and enjoy it." EDM has always been a part of the Las Vegas scene, with big name DJs playing sets at all the nightclubs on a regular basis, but now EDM fans have a permanent place to frequent on the strip. With residencies from some of the biggest names in the industry, EDM can now add Vegas to the list of places it has infiltrated, along with TV (DJ Steve Aoki is guest starring as himself on an episode of The CW's Arrow), the radio (Swedish House Mafia's "Don't You Worry Child" is one of many EDM songs featured in the Top 40 hits), movies (Project X was basically one long EDM music video), and the music industry itself (more and more EDM artists have been nominated for Grammys and other music stars are collaborating with more EDM artists). EDM world domination is almost complete. You've been warned. [Photo Credit: LIGHT Nightclub] Follow Sydney on Twitter @SydneyBucksbaum From Our Partners: Oops, Britney Spears Goes Braless Again — PHOTOS (Celebuzz) 30 Hottest Lingerie Scenes From the Past 30 Years — PHOTOS (Celebuzz)
  • 'Emily Owens, MD' Series Post Mortem: And This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
    By: Sydney Bucksbaum Feb 06, 2013
    And with that, Emily Owens, MD is no more. Cue the screaming. No, really. I was screaming at my TV as the end credits rolled. I thought I knew what to expect, after news broke months ago that the Mamie Gummer series was going to be axed after only 13 episodes. So many stories would be left open-ended — so much would be left undiscovered and undeveloped. But then I thought — well, more like hoped — that they would still end the show on a good note. You know, try to tie up as many loose ends as possible. But since the episodes had already been shot and finished before the cancelation, this would not be the case. Emily Owens, MD's last episode was treated as a midseason finale, which means that we were left with a major cliffhanger intended to lure the audience back after a long hiatus. Keep them wanting more! Well, congratulations, because we were left wanting quite a bit more. You see, the end of Tuesday night's episode found Emily and her best friend Will hooking up. Doing "the deed." Consummating their until-now unrequited love (on her end) with a roll in the hay. While this is a big deal in and of itself, it was made all the more shocking because Emily and her boss Micah finally gave in to their feelings (despite their professional relationship of boss and inferior) and decided to date. The will-they-won't-they love triangle of the entire season became a true, fully-fledged love triangle.  RELATED: RIP 'Emily Owens, MD': A Tribute to a Show Canceled Too Soon And this is why Emily Owens, MD should not have been canceled. Forget all my previous arguments that were based on the quality and unique aspects of the show (which were all completely valid, by the way). Let's focus instead on the timing of the cancelation. We were just getting to the good stuff! The meat! The substantial, quality drama! We finally got past the introduction stage, and could begin the real story. Emily had evolved from an insecure girl stuck in her high school days to a mature woman — standing up for herself, and being honest with those around her. She finally took risks that paid off: she was happy! And, of course, with her newfound strength and independence came the complications of having too much of a good thing: both Micah and Will made a play for her. We should have been able to get the chance to see how Emily dealt with this new situation. She finally got what she wanted, and then some. How would she handle the consequences of her decision to sleep with her best friend while also dating her boss?  RELATED: 'Emily Owens, MD' Is Just Like 'Grey's Anatomy'... And That's A Good Thing And that's just Emily's storyline. Let's not forget about the vast array of supporting characters, all with their own compelling, intriguing stories. First off, Emily's other best friend Tyra finally decided to move out of her dad's home so she could become independent. Micah's mother agreed to do the clinical trial and try to fight off her terminal case of cancer, after Micah's sister lied and said that she was pregnant to convince their mom to fight. Dr. Bandari's old flame was back at the hospital, and he made it clear that he didn't care that she was married (they had had a fling a year before). Cassandra realized Will was in love with Emily and dumped him, the discovered that he had made a huge mistake with a patient that ended up killing the patient. Will then confessed his mistake to the patient's family and to the hospital. Yikes. NEXT: What would've happened to... Every character was evolving in their own way, for better or for worse. Even characters that we had previously viewed as villains (i.e., Dr. Bandari and Cassandra) were starting to show human traits. The way Cassandra offered to cover for Will after his mistake showed how much she cared for him and his career, even though they had already broken up. Dr. Bandari proved that she wasn't as perfect as she pretends to be when her affair came to light. She makes mistakes and feels emotions, guys! She was trapped in a broken marriage and didn't know how to get out — we were finally starting to care about the characters we never even wanted to care about.  RELATED: CW Developing New Robin Hood Drama With 'Emily Owens, MD' Producer I feel as if a rug was pulled out from under me. As if the floor underneath my feet just became a little less stable. Like I was duped. Tricked into liking a show that would never give me the emotional payoff it promised. Why couldn't we just have the full season? It's such a tease, only giving us 13 episodes. It's as if those 13 hours of my life are ones that I'll never get back. Wasted. But despite how bitter I may be now, I know that I'll be glad I stuck with Emily Owens, MD until the very end. It was a charming show — unique, intelligent, and cute. The stories were real, and the characters were relatable. I honestly can't think of any other show that's like it on the air. So why, CW, did you have to cancel this one? Maybe the ratings weren't too hot, maybe other critics didn't share the same feelings that I have. Maybe we all took this show for granted. But after spewing out elitist society shows for the 1 percent like Gossip Girl for six seasons, you'd think a down-to-earth, sweet, real show would get more than just a half season. See, this is why we can't have nice things.  [Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW] Follow Sydney on Twitter @SydneyBucksbaum You Might Also Like:15 Oscar-Winning Nude ScenesTopanga's Revealing Lingerie Shoot: Hello '90s!