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Writer Sydney Bucksbaum likes to think her hobby of watching insane amounts of TV isn't an obsession... it's not an obsession, okay, so just drop it! As the resident CW-lover on the staff, she truly believes her Clark Kent/Dean Winchester/Damon Salvatore/Lucas Scott/Oliver Queen/Chuck Bass/Seymour Birkhoff/Wade Kinsella/Vincent Keller/Micah Barnes is out there somewhere, waiting for her, in real life (just go with it). After graduating from Northwestern University with a degree in journalism, Sydney has made it her mission to campaign for more shirtless scenes for her favorite CW hunks. You're welcome.
  • 'Star Trek' Director J.J. Abrams: No to 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Offer — The Right Move?
    By: Sydney Bucksbaum Dec 26, 2012
    With all the news, trailers, and plot teases, the blockbuster sequel Star Trek Into Darkness is the talk of the town. It's also the only sci-fi franchise that J.J. Abrams has time for. Sorry Luke, Leia, and Han — no mystery box for you. When speaking with Empire magazine, Abrams admits he turned down the opportunity to direct the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII, saying he be sticking to the Star Trek franchise. "There were the very early conversations and I quickly said that because of my loyalty to Star Trek, and also just being a fan, I wouldn't even want to be involved in the next version of those things," Abrams says. "I declined any involvement very early on. I'd rather be in the audience not knowing what was coming, rather than being involved in the minutiae of making them." And as for that inevitable fanboy competition between the two galactic franchises, Abrams added that "I guess the franchises could go up against each other, but I'm not thinking that far ahead! I'm a huge fan of Star Wars, Empire and Jedi, and the idea of the world continuing is exciting and will be amazing," Abrams says. "Kathy Kennedy is a friend and there are no smarter producers. It's in great hands." Star Trek Into Darkness stars Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and Benedict Cumberbatch, and hits theaters on May 17, 2013. Did Abrams make the right choice sticking with his popular franchise over captaining the future of Star Wars? Follow Sydney on Twitter @SydneyBucksbaum [Photo credit: WENN] More: Now that Brad Bird Is Out, Which Disney Vets Could Direct 'Star Wars Episode VII'? 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Trailer Deep Dive: There Be Klingons Here! — ANALYSIS 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Trailer: Khan We Tell Who the Villain Is? — ANALYSIS You Might Also Like: 20 Hottest Bikini Bodies of 2012: Kim Kardashian and More! ’The Hobbit’: Making Sense of Kili, the Hot Dwarf
  • 'After Earth' Reveals Jaden and Will Smith's Post-Apocalyptic World — POSTER
    By: Sydney Bucksbaum Dec 25, 2012
    A new poster has just hit the internet for After Earth, M. Night Shyamalan's sci-fi, post-apocalyptic movie starring Jaden Smith and his father Will Smith. The one-sheet, below, teases what might be Shyamalan's most epic work yet. After Earth — which will probably include a major twist at the end knowing Shyamalan's work — takes place in the future, after a crash landing leaves teenager Kitai Raige (Jaden) and his father Cypher (Will) stranded on Earth 1,000 years after cataclysmic events forced humans to escape the planet. With his father critically injured, Kitai must embark on a journey to get help in uncharted, dangerous territory with evolved animal species that now rule the planet, and an alien creature that escaped during the crash. After the trailer came out a few weeks ago, this poster certainly increases our excitement for the father/son flick. The stunning visuals of Earth in the image are only hiding nefarious, dangerous elements, and that juxtaposition of beauty vs. the unknown is compelling — why did humanity leave the planet? After Earth hits theaters on June 7, 2013. Follow Sydney on Twitter @SydneyBucksbaum  [Photo credit: Columbia Pictures] More:Jaden Smith is Looking More Like Will in New 'After Earth' ImageWhy Will Smith Said No to 'Django Unchained'Will Smith: We Miss Mr. July You Might Also Like: 20 Hottest Bikini Bodies of 2012: Kim Kardashian and More! ’The Hobbit’: Making Sense of Kili, the Hot Dwarf
  • The 5 Most Ridiculous Christmas Light Displays
    By: Sydney Bucksbaum Dec 24, 2012
    It's Christmas time... which means some of your neighbors have had lights up on their houses since Thanksgiving (and won't take theirs down for months after, either...). While many of these displays can be an eyesore, others are quite creative and a wonder to behold. We rounded up some of the most ridiculous, craziest, most creative (and in some cases, the most humorously unsuccessful) Christmas light displays we could find. Just imagine if you lived across the street from one of these festive houses! Unfortunate Implications What was intended as a festive palm tree ended up as a true XXX-mas holiday display! We sincerely hope this house corrected their phallic-looking tree before the children saw it... Not Even Trying When you know you can’t compete with a neighbor’s ridiculously detailed display, sometimes all you need is one word: Ditto. And then there are some families that take their house decorations to a whole new level. Check out these Christmas light displays that are actually interactive! There's an App for That This Angry Birds themed house is accurate, and looks like so much fun to play: A Meme Come True Remember that crazy infectious "Hamster Dance" song? Pair that with some synchronized lights, and you've got yourself a dazzling display: And the Winner Is... The champion of outstanding, creative, amazing Christmas light displays goes to the 2012 Cadger Christmas Lights House Show. Ranging from hip-hop, rock and roll, classical, dubstep, and even Weird Al Yankovic and the Looney Tunes theme song, with quotes from classic Christmas movies, this 12-minute-long show is in a class of its own: Follow Sydney on Twitter @SydneyBucksbaum [Photo Credit: AP Images; Twitter] More: Lifetime's 40 Years of Santa, Baby: Inside the Network's Holiday Movie Machine It's Christmas Eve... What Holiday Movie Are You Watching? — POLL Ryan Seacrest and the Christmas Curse (A Birthday Poem) You Might Also Like: 20 Hottest Bikini Bodies of 2012: Kim Kardashian and More! ’The Hobbit’: Making Sense of Kili, the Hot Dwarf
  • Bethenny Frankel Tweets About Her Split from Husband Jason Hoppy
    By: Sydney Bucksbaum Dec 24, 2012
    In the wake of Bethenny Frankel’s announcement that she and husband Jason Hoppy are splitting after three years of marriage, it seems as if the former Real Housewives of New York star just needs kind words and support. Frankel tweeted this message on Sunday night: Thank you all so much. You give me so much love, and I am so grateful. It feels like your words could get someone through anything.— Bethenny Frankel (@Bethenny) December 24, 2012But really, all she needs is some sleep! In your 20s you want to party, in your 30s you want to get married, in your 40s you want to sleep.— Bethenny Frankel (@Bethenny) December 23, 2012Clearly, being in the spotlight – for marital issues as well as her celebrity fame – is pretty tiring. [Photo Credit: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images] More: A Royal Hero: Prince William Airlifts Sick Baby to Safety Real-Life Fruit Ninja: How Bizarre YouTube Video Hit 10 Million Views The Rolling Stones' Ronnie Wood is Married You Might Also Like: 20 Hottest Bikini Bodies of 2012: Kim Kardashian and More! ’The Hobbit’: Making Sense of Kili, the Hot Dwarf
  • It's Christmas Eve... What Holiday Movie Are You Watching? — POLL
    By: Sydney Bucksbaum Dec 24, 2012
    Christmas Eve is here, and hopefully you’ve finished your holiday shopping, wrapped all the gifts, and can finally relax. If not, then you better hurry up! Time is running out to finish all the items on your to do list! But once all your holiday obligations are fulfilled, you can enjoy the best part of Christmas Eve... the traditions! While everyone celebrates the holiday differently, we all have traditions that must be upheld each year. Whether that means lacing up the ice skates, gathering round the fireplace with hot cocoa, throwing snowballs, building snowmen, going to the movies and eating Chinese food, or waking up to presents under the tree on Christmas morning. Holiday "traditions" mean different things to everyone. But one thing that everyone finds time for is watching holiday movies on TV with friends, family, and loved ones. We've rounded up some of the classics, and some holiday-themed movies you wouldn't expect to be traditions, but like we said, everyone celebrates the holidays differently! What is your favorite holiday movie you plan on watching this Christmas Eve? Vote in our poll below and sound off in the comments below. <a href="">What is your favorite holiday movie to watch on Christmas Eve?</a> Follow Sydney on Twitter @SydneyBucksbaum [Photo Credit: New Line Cinema] More: Lifetime's 40 Years of Santa, Baby: Inside the Network's Holiday Movie Machine Holiday Weekend Box Office: 'The Hobbit' Outreaches 'Jack Reacher' 'Les Miz': Why Today's Moviegoers Find It Hard to Accept Characters 'Breaking Into Song' You Might Also Like: 20 Hottest Bikini Bodies of 2012: Kim Kardashian and More! ’The Hobbit’: Making Sense of Kili, the Hot Dwarf
  • 'The L.A. Complex' Is Officially Dead, CW Not Renewing For Third Season
    By: Sydney Bucksbaum Dec 21, 2012
    If you were holding out hope that The LA Complex was going to get a last-minute save from The CW, sorry to disappoint: the network has decided against ordering a third season of the Canadian drama. A spokesperson for The CW announced the official cancelation on Thursday of the steamy soap about Canadians chasing the Hollywood dream in Los Angeles. This decision comes as expected – though still disappointing – after Canada’s MuchMusic channel decided weeks ago not to order a third season. Fans of the soapy drama had hoped that indie producer Epitome Pictures would be able to keep The LA Complex afloat, but losing its key North American distributors might be the final straw that breaks the Canadian series’ back. To be fair, the show had little chance of surviving after debuting as TV’s lowest-rated drama premiere of all time back in April. Executive produced by Stephen Stohn and Linda Schuyler of Epitome Pictures, The LA Complex was centered around a Melrose Place-like apartment building, filled to bursting with entertainment industry hopefuls. The series tackled heavy subjects, like self-mutilation, alcoholism, homosexuality in the rap industry, a dancer’s foray into the porn industry, a Church of Scientology-like religious cult, and even murder. Unfortunately, even the flashiest of cliffhangers and OMG moments couldn’t attract a large enough audience to make The LA Complex a success ratings-wise. The LA Complex starred Cassie Steele (Degrassi), Jonathan Patrick Moore (ABC Family’s The Mistle-Tones), Andra Fuller, Joe Dinicol (Disney Channel’s My Babysitter’s a Vampire), Georgina Reilly, Jewel Staite (Firefly), Chelan Simmons, and Benjamin Charles Watson. Follow Sydney on Twitter @SydneyBucksbaum [Photo Credit: Stephen Scott/The CW] More: 'The L.A. Complex' React: Classic CW With a Side of Raunch 'The L.A. Complex' Breaks Ratings Records... for the Lowest Broadcast Debut Ever 'L.A. Complex' Star Cassie Steele on the Show's 'Dark' Side. Plus: A Drake Cameo? You Might Also Like: 20 Hot (and Horrifying) Movie Sex Scenes Mayan Doomsday: Which Theories Could Cause World to End?
  • CW Developing New Robin Hood Drama With 'Emily Owens, MD' Producer
    By: Sydney Bucksbaum Dec 21, 2012
    Fans of DOA series Emily Owens, MD, listen up: in the wake of the disheartening cancelation of the charming freshman CW hospital drama, some good news has arrived! It was announced on Thursday that Emily Owens producer Dan Jinks will executive produce a new Robin Hood drama for The CW, with the script penned by Cashmere Mafia’s Tze Chun. Sherwood, an hour-long period drama with a female slant, has officially received script commitment at the network. Set in 1072 England, Sherwood revolves around a young noblewoman who sets out to free her serf boyfriend, who has been wrongfully imprisoned by ruthless Norman occupiers. She gets help from the vanished Robin of Locksley, inadvertently reuniting – and joining – the fabled Robin Hood and his Merry Men, inspiring new hope for the oppressed people of Nottingham. Before you start groaning at the prospect of yet another show focusing on archery, or yet another Robin Hood project, let’s celebrate the fresh direction The CW is taking. We know that 2012 was the year in archery, but all of these recent pop culture archers were modern. The bows and arrows in the dystopian future reality show movie The Hunger Games, The CW’s DC Comics franchise adaptation series Arrow, Marvel’s The Avengers, and even the Olympics are high-tech, perfectly-manufactured, and in some cases even weaponized. Sherwood, dating all the way back to the medieval times, will certainly showcase imperfect, hand-crafted bows and arrows. There will also be a certain level of authenticity to the use of bows and arrows, since there won’t be any guns or other modern weapons to render the archers ineffective. And as for the high influx of Robin Hood projects in recent times – BBC’s 2006 series Robin Hood and Ridley Scott’s 2010 Robin Hood starring Russell Crowe most prominently come to mind, as well as NBC’s in-development re-imagining Robin Hood project hailing from Blue Bloods’ Ken Sanzel, focusing on an Iraq War veteran-turned-outlaw in upstate New York – The CW’s series is the first to take a female perspective on the tale, focusing not on Robin of Locksley but actually on the young woman who reunites and joins the Merry Men. No word yet on any casting news, but I think it's safe to assume there will be lots of shirtless ab shots of Robin, and the young noblewoman at the center of the series will look like she just left the salon with a new blow-out and makeover even after hours of journeying on horseback and storming castles. Who do you think will star in Sherwood? Will any of the Merry Men be ugly (doubt it...)? Hit the comments with your dream casting choices! Follow Sydney on Twitter @SydneyBucksbaum [Photo Credit: BBC America] More: R.I.P. 'Emily Owens, MD': A Tribute to a Show Canceled Too Soon 2012: How Hollywood's Archery Obsession Actually Impacted the Sport 'Arrow': Why You Need To Be Watching You Might Also Like: Mayan Doomsday: Which Theories Could Cause World to End? 20 Hot (and Horrifying) Movie Sex Scenes
  • 'The Heat' Red Band Trailer: Melissa McCarthy Goes Nuts While Things Explode
    By: Sydney Bucksbaum Dec 20, 2012
    Give stars Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy a few swear words and a couple of explosions, and you've got the latest red band trailer for the female buddy-cop movie The Heat, which has just released: Bullock and McCarthy star as reluctant partners in The Heat, written by Katie Dippold (Parks and Recreation) and directed by Paul Feig (Bridesmaids). Obviously, the film is following the buddy-cop genre to a T: a cop who plays it safe is paired with a spontaneous rule-breaker who gets the job done. The pair gets a tough, dangerous assignment, and then bond during the ensuing shenanigans. The deviation that keeps The Heat fresh is not that the main duo is female, but actually because McCarthy commits to her roles so much that you never know what she'll say or do next. Bullock plays the straight role, but even she is given the chance to shine with her own hilarious bits once her character loosens up and has fun. And hey, any chance to hear the sophisticated and classy Bullock yell obscenities while throwing grenades is fine with us.  The Heat hits theaters on April 5, 2013. Follow Sydney on Twitter @SydneyBucksbaum [Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox] More:'This Is 40': Judd Apatow on Staying Relevant and P.T. Anderson's Love of 'Heavyweights''Anchorman 2' Gets Release Date: 12 Ways to Prepare for the Second Coming of Ron BurgundyNew 'The Great Gatsby' Trailer Reveals Not All that Glitters is Gold — TRAILER From Our Partners: ’A Few Good Men’: Where Are They Now? (Moviefone) Best Mother and Son Movies: ‘Forrest Gump’ and More! (Moviefone)
  • Remember That Time LeAnn Rimes Was Famous For Singing? We Can't Either.
    By: Sydney Bucksbaum Dec 20, 2012
    When you hear the name LeAnn Rimes these days, it is usually surrounded by the words "Twitter feud," "stealing Brandi Glanville’s husband, Eddie Cibrian," "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," and “her boys.” It’s sometimes hard to remember why Rimes was famous in the first place... was she on one of Bravo’s reality shows? Oh wait... she was a famous country and pop singer! Oh wow, totally forgot about that... In all fairness (to us), Rimes hasn’t been in the news much lately for her music. She’s been making headlines for a long time simply because of her personal issues with RHOBH star Glanville. Rimes stole Glanville's husband Eddie Cibrian, and thanks to Twitter, we have not heard the end of it. I can’t even recall when the last musical performance she gave was... all I can think about is how Glanville claims one of her and Cibrian’s sons ate one of Rimes' laxatives. Poor kid. Maybe that same thought process occurred to Rimes, because last night she made a surprise guest appearance on X Factor to duet with contestant Carly Rose Soneclar. In case you were wondering what she sounds like after all these years, check out the performance below: Rimes was a hot mess, and unfortunately for Sonenclar, hooking up with the “celebrity” guest for a duet completely distracted viewers from the actual contestant. We couldn’t tear our eyes away from the total disaster Rimes has become. Did she even rehearse? Was she even speaking the English language? We can’t discern a single word Rimes was singing. This trainwreck is only 30 years old... what happened to her? It seems like Rimes was trying to make up for lost time, cramming hundreds of musical performances that should have been spread out over years into one duet. How many vocal runs can someone make in one guest spot? Rimes tried to find out! And the biggest question on my mind: does Rimes even know what a duet is? Unfortunately for our ears, she seems to think it is a battle between two female voices, struggling to overpower each other on each word to be the loudest. Instead of harmonizing and showcasing the young contestant’s powerhouse voice, Rimes was trying to prove herself musically. Listen, LeAnn, you’re not the one competing: Carly Rose is. Let her take the spotlight. You’re just supposed to be supporting her. This is not the vehicle to make your singing comeback. Was Rimes trying to give us a glimpse into what Sonenclar will look and sound like in 20 years? Because, if so, that’s rough. Poor girl does not have a bright future. Or maybe that was what Rimes wanted to warn her about: take note, this could be you in a couple decades! Turn around, now, before it’s too late! Or maybe Rimes was trying to steal Sonenclar’s youth and essence. At the end, she seemed to be attempting to absorb the young girl into herself. Stop that, now. You’ve had your time. Let Sonenclar shine! We will find out tonight if Rimes' duet will negatively impact Sonenclar when X Factor crowns its second season's champion, complete with a $5 million contract. Will it be Carly Rose Sonenclar, Tate Stevens, or the Fifth Harmony quintet? Find out tonight at 8 PM EST on Fox, when U.K. X Factor success story One Direction will also perform. Follow Sydney on Twitter @SydneyBucksbaum [Photo Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX] More: LeAnn Rimes Cries to Giuliana Rancic About 2009 Affair Brandi Glanville Quits LeAnn Rimes Twitter Feud Just As It Gets Annoying Dear Bravo, It's Time to Make LeAnn Rimes a Real Housewife You Might Also Like: 20 Hot (and Horrifying) Movie Sex Scenes Mayan Doomsday: Which Theories Could Cause World to End?
  • Shaun White Chops His Hair Off: 10 Celebs Who Ditched Their Signature Styles — GALLERY
    By: Sydney Bucksbaum Dec 19, 2012
    Two-time Olympic gold medalist Shaun White is as known for his long, ginger hair as he is for his snowboarding and skateboarding skills. But on Tuesday, he cut off his trademark ‘do to donate to Locks of Love (which provides wigs to disadvantaged children suffering from long-term medical hair loss). "I have been thinking about this for a while," White says in a clip of his major haircut he posted to YouTube. "But it's for a good cause so I want to do it. Somebody needs it more than I do." His long, red hair has been his trademark for a long time, so it makes sense that he was a little nervous going into this major cut. He even told the barber to go easy on him. Check out the video of White's trip to the salon below. We have to admit, without that big mane of ginger hair obscuring his face, White looks good. He should have lost all that extra hair weight a while ago! Check out these other celebrities (including Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift) who decided to ditch their signature hairstyles. Some – like White’s – turned out great, but others were probably wishing they had a time machine to go back and correct their hair don’t. 10 Celebrities Who Ditched Their Signature Hairstyles Follow Sydney on Twitter @SydneyBucksbaum [Photo Credit: WENN/YouTube] More: Honey Boo Boo vs. The Kardashians in a Christmas Card Showdown 'Time' Names Barack Obama Person of the Year, But Who Is YOUR Person of the Year? Bret Easton Ellis Tries to Apologize to Kathryn Bigelow, Fails Miserably You Might Also Like: 20 Hot (and Horrifying) Movie Sex Scenes 20 Biggest Breakout Stars of the Year!