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Writer Sydney Bucksbaum likes to think her hobby of watching insane amounts of TV isn't an obsession... it's not an obsession, okay, so just drop it! As the resident CW-lover on the staff, she truly believes her Clark Kent/Dean Winchester/Damon Salvatore/Lucas Scott/Oliver Queen/Chuck Bass/Seymour Birkhoff/Wade Kinsella/Vincent Keller/Micah Barnes is out there somewhere, waiting for her, in real life (just go with it). After graduating from Northwestern University with a degree in journalism, Sydney has made it her mission to campaign for more shirtless scenes for her favorite CW hunks. You're welcome.
  • Fox Clarifies Tuesday Night Lineup, Includes 'X Factor'
    By: Sydney Bucksbaum Oct 19, 2012
    Following their “total f up” on Wednesday, when a baseball rain delay messed up an airing of the X Factor, Fox has released a new schedule clarifying the changes in Tuesday night’s TV lineup. This Tuesday, Oct. 23, Fox will air new episodes of Raising Hope, Ben and Kate, New Girl, and the complete “Judges’ Homes” hour-long X Factor episode that was supposed to air Wednesday. Kicking off at 8 ET/PT, Melanie Griffith, Wilmer Valderrama and Leslie Jordan guest-star on Raising Hope. In the episode, “If A Ham Falls in the Woods,” Jimmy (Lucas Neff) and Sabrina (Shannon Woodward) attend a marriage retreat led by a priest (Jordan) before they get married. Not wanting to miss out on a free vacation, Virginia (Martha Plimpton) and Burt (Garret Dillahunt) pose as a newly engaged couple so they can also attend. It becomes a true family affair when Sabrina’s mom, Tamara (Griffith), and her young lover, Ricardo (Valderrama), tag along. On Ben and Kate’s “Emergency Kit,” Kate (Dakota Johnson) challenges Ben (Nat Faxon) to be more prepared to take care of Maddie (Maggie Elizabeth Jones), and they all end up getting tested. Meanwhile, Ben’s crazy ex-girlfriend, Louise (guest star Lindsay Sloane), makes a surprise visit back into his life and BJ (Lucy Punch) might be developing real feelings for her boss, bar owner Buddy (guest star Rob Corddry). On New Girl’s “Models,” Jess (Zooey Deschanel) spends a wild night out with Cece (Hannah Simone) and her model friends, then jumps in the driver’s seat when she must fill in for Cece at a car show. Meanwhile, the guys question what defines male friendship after Schmidt (Max Greenfield) buys Nick (Jake Johnson) a sweet gift. And at 9:30 ET/PT, Fox will air the complete “Judges’ Homes” episode of the X Factor, where the judges reveal which four acts in each of the four categories – Teens, Young Adults, Groups and Over 25s – continue on to the live shows. Follow Sydney on Twitter @SydneyBucksbaum [Photo Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX] More: Fox's 'Total F Up' Pushes 'X Factor' To Tuesday, Angers Simon Cowell 'The Ax Factor': 'Animal Practice' Closes Its Doors, 'Nashville' Sings a Sad Note Bruno Mars Is Ready To Bring The Funny to 'SNL' This Weekend. Or Not. Celeb and TV stories: From Our Partners: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Celebrate Wedding Weekend in Italy — PHOTOS (Celebuzz) ’Hunger Games’ Stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson Pose With Fans at Atlanta Movie Theater — PHOTOS (Celebuzz)
  • Shailene Woodley in Talks to Star In 'Divergent' — Is She the Right Choice?
    By: Sydney Bucksbaum Oct 19, 2012
    Shailene Woodley, star of The Secret Life of the American Teenager and The Descendents, is currently in talks to star in the Summit/Lionsgate movie adaptation of the YA book series Divergent. This news comes close on the heels of ABC Family cancelling Secret Life and Woodley booking the role of Mary Jane Watson in the The Amazing Spider-Man sequel. Divergent, the first of three books in Veronica Roth’s dystopian series, is set in Chicago in the future, where society is divided into factions based on human traits: erudite (knowledge), candor (honesty), dauntless (bravery), amity (happiness), and abnegation (selflessness). The story focuses on 16-year-old Tris Prior, who leaves the abnegation for a rival faction and falls in love, all while hiding a dangerous secret about herself. This secret could destroy the factions for good, but that may not be such a bad thing. I am totally behind this casting choice, as Woodley would make a great Tris. Tris begins her life in a new faction completely alone and terrified. Woodley can pull off the role of scared teenager, as Secret Life proved when she was portraying a scared teen going through pregnancy in high school. As Secret Life went on, her character Amy became stronger and stood up for herself, which is what Tris learns to do in her new faction. Her transformation from scared, weak, and alone into a brave, strong, independent teenager makes up most of the first book in the series. The secret Tris carries matures her quickly, and Woodley clearly has the talent to show all the emotions needed to make her story believable, as evidenced by her award-winning performance in The Descendants. One of the biggest reasons I am all for Woodley as Tris is that she actually looks 16, unlike a certain female protagonist in another dystopian YA book series movie adaptation. Neil Burger (Limitless) is directing with the screenplay by Evan Daugherty (Snow White and the Huntsman). Follow Sydney on Twitter @SydneyBucksbaum [Photo Credit: Brian To/WENN] More: Shailene Woodley May Tackle Mary Jane in 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Sequel 'The Secret Life of the American Teenager' Ending After Season 5 Andrew Garfield, Marc Webb Swing Back for 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' From Our Partners: Crikey! 19 Scariest Movie Ghosts (Moviefone) NY Comic-Con: 34 Crazy Costumes (Moviefone)
  • 'The Vampire Diaries' React: I Was Bawling Like a Baby
    By: Sydney Bucksbaum Oct 19, 2012
    Alright, I’m getting tired of having to say SPOILER ALERT every time I write a react, but there we go. SPOILER ALERT. SPOILER ALERT. SPOILER ALERT! Now that we got that out of the way, let’s discuss last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries. Read the full recap here if you need to catch up on all the crazy stuff that went down last night – hint, there was a lot. In short, we have a new vampire hunter in town, Elena had an extra tough time being a baby vampire thanks to her doppelganger-ness, and we got a rather hot Delena moment. Am I forgetting anything? Oh yeah, there was an ALARIC SALTZMAN SIGHTING. In a true surprise cameo, Matthew Davis reprised his fan favorite role at the end of last night’s episode. When Elena, Stefan, Caroline, et al. were busy lighting Japanese lanterns in honor of all their loved ones they lost when vampires came back to Mystic Falls (the list was long…), Damon chose to spend his time at the graveyard venting to his dearly departed friend’s gravestone. What he didn’t know was that Alaric was there with him in spirit. The deceased vamp even replied to Damon’s booze-filled rant with a simple, “I miss you too, buddy.” UH OH, CUE THE WATERWORKS. Guys, I am not ashamed to admit I was bawling like a baby. The entire episode, when Damon was refusing to allow anyone to sit on the bar stool on his left, we knew it was in honor of Ric. That alone had me feeling like I was in a glass case of emotion. But the true punch to my gut came in that last minute, when Damon was talking to Ric’s gravestone. All of sudden we pan to his right and there was Matthew Davis as Alaric, sympathetically listening to Damon. I felt like all the air left my lungs, and I was just floored. This was a true secret, a surprise cameo that hadn’t been spoiled at all. In the recent trend of announcing cameos and guest stars way in advance (I’m looking at you, Ryan Murphy), I am glad Alaric’s brief reappearance stayed a secret. It was so moving to see him without any advance warning. The emotional scene really packed a wallop and was just another testament to the brilliance of EP Julie Plec & Co. I was also glad that they chose to end this episode on an emotional note rather than a major cliffhanger. TVD is known for huge plot developments, twists, and cliffhangers, which is one of the major reasons why I am absolutely obsessed with it enjoy it, but this episode was about mourning. It revolved around the town council’s funerals--most specifically the pastor’s--and while there were definite reveals and shocking turns of events, ending with an emotional scene was appropriate. It reminded me that not only can TVD entertain me with action and suspense, but they can twist my heart with tearjerkers like none other. It was also a nice gift for the fans to see Alaric and Damon’s bromance for one last time, when we thought it was over for good. To be honest, that bromance became one of my favorite parts of the show. To see it one last time was pretty much the nicest thing TVD could have done for us fans. So thank you, TVD, for sending me into a crying fit last night. Much appreciated. (But actually, no sarcasm.) Follow Sydney on Twitter @SydneyBucksbaum [Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/CW] More: 'Vampire Diaries' Recap: Growing Pains Barack Obama and Jon Stewart Prove Comic Chemistry on 'The Daily Show' 'Project Runway' Winner Is... From Our Partners: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Celebrate Wedding Weekend in Italy — PHOTOS (Celebuzz) ’Hunger Games’ Stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson Pose With Fans at Atlanta Movie Theater — PHOTOS (Celebuzz)
  • 'Project Runway' Winner Is...
    By: Sydney Bucksbaum Oct 19, 2012
    Last night, Project Runway named the Season 10 champion, and the winner is... SPOILER ALERT... Dmitry Sholokhov, who beat out fellow finalists Fabio Costa, Melissa Fleis and Christopher Palu. The 33-year-old Belarus-born professional ballroom dancer-turned-designer sacrificed a lot -- losing his lease and being forced to quit his job in order to compete in the reality show -- and he earned the title of champion after impressing the judges Nina Garcia, Heidi Klum, Michael Kors, and guest judge Jennifer Hudson with his architectural and sophisticated designs. After the final four competitors presented their designs at New York Fashion Week, the judges were unanimous in their decision to crown Sholokhov as the victor. "There was a clear and definite winner," Garcia told THR. "It was very unanimous, to be honest with you. ... There wasn't so much as a disagreement, or at least I didn't think so." Winning Project Runway means that Sholokhov also wins $100,000 from L’Oréal Paris for his own fashion line, a spread in Marie Claire magazine, a 2013 Lexus GS 350, a $50,000 technology suite by HP and Intel and the opportunity to design and sell an exclusive collection at Lord & Taylor. Sholokhov’s model, Katt Vogel, will be featured in Sholokhov's Marie Claire spread and receives $25,000 from L'Oréal Paris EverStyle. Lifetime's second season of Project Runway: All Stars premieres on Oct. 25. Follow Sydney on Twitter @SydneyBucksbaum [Photo Credit: Lifetime] More: 'Two and a Half Men': Miley Cyrus' Bizarre 22-Minute Monologue 'Vampire Diaries' Recap: Growing Pains 'Parks and Recreation' Recap: Sexytimes at Pawnee Senior Center From Our Partners: Giuliana and Bill Rancic Planning for Baby No. 2: ‘I Would Love a Girl,’ Says E Host (Celebuzz) Kate Upton Flaunts Major Cleavage in Vogue’s November Issue — PHOTOS (Celebuzz)
  • 'Family Guy' 200th Episode: What We Want To See
    By: Sydney Bucksbaum Oct 18, 2012
    Giggity giggity, ALRIIIIGHT! Family Guy is about to hit episode 200, and creator Seth MacFarlane knows how to celebrate accordingly. On November 11, Fox will air a one-hour Family Guy Special. First up in the hour is the 200th episode, "Yug Ylimaf,"(that’s Family Guy backwards, in case you didn’t notice) in which Brian will use Stewie's time machine and accidentally cause the universe to run in reverse. They have to work together to stop it, before Stewie is "unborn." After the 200th episode is a Family Guy retrospective called "The End of the World as We Know It." Viewers will get a behind-the-scenes look at the animated comedy, with interviews with MacFarlane and voice actors Mila Kunis, Alex Borstein, and Seth Green. This sounds pretty great to me, but I have an even better idea for MacFarlane’s milestone episode: in true Family Guy fashion, the entire hour-long special should be one flashback leading to another, and another and another! It is their signature humor style, after all! Or just a full episode of Peter lying on the ground, moaning in pain, clutching his shin. Either idea works for me, really. What would you like to see for Family Guy’s 200th episode celebration? Let us know in the comments! Family Guy’s 200th episode airs November 11 on Fox. Follow Sydney on Twitter @SydneyBucksbaum [Photo Credit: FOX] More: 'Arrow' Episode 2: Steering Clear of the 'Secret Circle' Conundrum How 'The Daily Show' and 'The Colbert Report' Handled the Presidential Town Hall Debate 'Survivor' Recap: Blair Gets a New Teammate From Our Partners: Giuliana and Bill Rancic Planning for Baby No. 2: ‘I Would Love a Girl,’ Says E Host (Celebuzz) Kate Upton Flaunts Major Cleavage in Vogue’s November Issue — PHOTOS (Celebuzz)
  • 'Jersey Shore' star JWoww: 'Deena's Arrest Is F***ing Hysterical'
    By: Sydney Bucksbaum Oct 18, 2012
    The last season of Jersey Shore keeps chugging on, despite the fact that it premiered with numbers so low it would make Snooki’s neckline jealous. In tonight’s episode, “Merp Walk,” JWoww learns the full extent of her injury from last week’s club fight, Mike considers taking things to the next level, and Deena holds Meatball auditions now that her partner-in-meatball-crime Snooki has a bun in her oven. got the chance to catch up with JWoww herself, Jenni Farley, at Comedy Central’s Night of Too Many Stars to talk about saying goodbye to Jersey Shore, what we can expect to see in the upcoming episodes, and her pick for the sexiest presidential candidate: So Jersey Shore is coming to an end. How do you feel about this era coming to a close? JWoww: It's definitely bittersweet only because we wanted to go out on top and we are. And we knew that we couldn't replace any of us so with all of us settling down and moving and with Snooki having Lorenzo, we knew it'd be our last time because we wouldn't bring anyone new. So we literally just went out with a bang. We knew it was going to be it, and we hit it hard. Anything exciting coming up in the next few episodes? JWoww: Deena's arrest is f***ing hysterical. It's hysterical. I can't wait for everyone to see it. How was it saying goodbye to everyone? JWoww: It's upsetting, you know. And we cried, we had a big cry after our last day. You know, it is bittersweet but we know that it's only the beginning. Even though we won't be living together as eight people, we'll still keep in contact. With the presidential election coming up, if you had to pick who was the sexier candidate, who would you pick, Obama or Romney? JWoww: Obama. Jersey Shore airs Thursdays on MTV. Follow Sydney on Twitter @SydneyBucksbaum [Photo Credit: MTV] More: How 'The Daily Show' and 'The Colbert Report' Handled the Presidential Town Hall Debate 'Arrow' Episode 2: Steering Clear of the 'Secret Circle' Conundrum 'American Horror Story' Review: The Scare Is Never as Good as the First Time From Our Partners: Giuliana and Bill Rancic Planning for Baby No. 2: ‘I Would Love a Girl,’ Says E Host (Celebuzz) Kate Upton Flaunts Major Cleavage in Vogue’s November Issue — PHOTOS (Celebuzz)
  • 'Arrow' Episode 2: Steering Clear of the 'Secret Circle' Conundrum 
    By: Sydney Bucksbaum Oct 18, 2012
    Guys, it was clear from my Arrow review last week that I love this show. But even though I had made the commitment to tune in for an hour every week on my already TV-packed Wednesday nights, I still had some reservations. There were a couple things I was apprehensive about and hoped with all my heart that could and would be fixed ASAP. These were things that could potentially kill the show’s chances at making it past the first season and developing into a long-running CW darling (see: Smallville, Supernatural). And in case I didn’t make it clear enough for you in last week’s review, I really, REALLY want to see Stephen Amell’s abs acting skills on my TV every week. If this show does get the chance to keep going, it looks like I’ll be getting my eye-candy on a weekly basis. It may not have been as epic as the pilot’s beautiful portrayal of the canary ladder, but last night we did get a nice sequence of Oliver Queen working his way up a rope (those ARMS, I mean come on!) and a shirtless moment so sister Thea got the chance to see the extent of Ollie’s scars. Yeah, girl, they’re pretty bad. But it’ll take a lot more than that to make Amell’s chest ugly. Swoon. I was worried that Arrow would make the same mistake as another dark CW show that was canceled last year after only one season. I’m talking, of course, about the teen witch drama Secret Circle. Now the reason the Britt Robertson-vehicle failed is what I am going to call the Secret Circle Conundrum (mainly because I like the word conundrum and have wanted to fit it into an article for some time now. Victory!). The SCC: having too many high stakes too often and trying too hard to work the supernatural aspect. Let me explain both aspects of the SCC. First of all, Secret Circle, every week, had one or more of the main characters vying for their lives. Every new piece of information they discovered led to a huge life or death situation. It got to the point where every single day of their lives was a huge event. We, as viewers, were so accustomed to this that it became the norm. We no longer feared for the witches, and the show became boring – despite the fact that the subject matter was thrilling and dangerous. There was just too much, too often. And the other half of the SCC: trying too hard to be supernatural. I mean, yes, the entire show was about supernatural witchcraft, but there were so many loopholes and rules to keep track of that at some point I just stopped caring. When the majority of your episodes consist of the characters expositing on all the rules and reasons why they can’t or won’t do something, you’re telling, not showing. The most important aspect of a successful show is to show, not tell. I had my reasons to worry that Arrow would go this route. For the five years Oliver was marooned on an island, he somehow picked up two different languages, the ability to be an expert archer, and a fancy-schmancy bow and arrow. If he was really and truly alone on the island, like the first episode led us to believe, then how the hell did he accomplish these things? Answer: supernaturally. And that leads us dangerously into SCC territory. Now, I was quickly reassured in the beginning of last night’s episode that at least half of the SCC wasn’t going to be an issue. Yes, the show has high stakes – Arrow indeed kills people, and thus could be killed himself – but these high stakes were cool action scenes. The parkour and violence is what makes the show so dark and gritty. Better yet, one of his takedowns happened in the first few minutes, and we were never even worried for Arrow. He knows what he’s doing. But as for the second half of the SCC, I was still concerned for most of episode two. What happened on that island? Thankfully, in one quick scene, at the very end of the hour, all my concerns vanished. Obviously SPOILER ALERT!, Oliver was not alone on that island. After dragging his father’s body inland and giving him the best burial he could, a hooded archer shot an arrow through Oliver’s shoulder. And there you have it: the beginning of the explanation of who the new Oliver/Arrow is. His scars, archery skills, language skills--we’re left to assume this new mysterious archer is Oliver’s mentor. Now that we have established another human being as the reason behind Oliver’s transformation into Arrow, I can breathe a huge sigh of relief. A human explanation grounds the show in reality, and steers it away from being too supernatural and suffering from the fate of the SCC. The island was dangerously close to being a supernatural entity. Thank you, Arrow, for reaffirming why I love you. See you next Wednesday, and every Wednesday after that! Follow Sydney on Twitter @SydneyBucksbaum [Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW] More: 'Arrow': Why You Need To Be Watching Is 'Arrow' a Bullseye? Everything You Need to Know Before the Premiere 'Arrow' Premiere: Stephen Amell and Cast Tease Sex, Violence, and Family Drama From Our Partners: Giuliana and Bill Rancic Planning for Baby No. 2: ‘I Would Love a Girl,’ Says E Host (Celebuzz) Kate Upton Flaunts Major Cleavage in Vogue’s November Issue — PHOTOS (Celebuzz)
  • 'Gossip Girl': Who ELSE Is Getting Married?!? — PIC
    By: Sydney Bucksbaum Oct 17, 2012
    Another spoiler-filled Gossip Girl photo is making the rounds today and it hints at another happy ending, this time for arguably the most on-again-off-again couple on this show. It looks like Lonely Boy Dan (Penn Badgley) and Serena (Blake Lively) will finally find their way back into each other’s arms by season’s end. And lest you think this is another one of their short-term relationships, take a peek at the spoiler-ific photo below: In this pic, we see Serena and Dan… getting married? What the what?!? Could this be a dream, a PR stunt, or a fake-out of any kind? No, my dear, skeptical Gossip Girl fans. Feast your eyes on the truth: Sources tell that the wedding is real. Serena and Dan do get married. Added bonus scoop: They're also filming a "five years later" epilogue. This latest bit of news comes right on the heels of two other big reveals about the final season of Gossip Girl. First, we found out that the identity of Gossip Girl will be revealed, and then this photo revealed that another UES couple, Blair and Chuck, are also on their way to the altar. With all of these crazy stories being spoiled, we can only wonder what even crazier stories are being kept under wraps. The final season of Gossip Girl airs Mondays on the CW. Follow Sydney on Twitter @SydneyBucksbaum [Photo Credit: AAR/FameFlynet Pictures] More: OMG! Identity of 'Gossip Girl' Will Be Revealed! 'Gossip Girl' Season Premiere: Was That an OMG or a WTF Moment? OMSG, It's A New 'Gossip Girl' Preview! — VIDEO From Our Partners: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Cuddle at Chateau Marmont: 15 of the ‘Twilight’ Couple’s Most Romantic Date Nights — GALLERY (Celebuzz) Reese Witherspoon Debuts Post-Baby Figure Two Weeks After Giving Birth — PHOTOS (Celebuzz)
  • 'Emily Owens, M.D.' Is Just Like 'Grey's Anatomy'... And That's A Good Thing
    By: Sydney Bucksbaum Oct 17, 2012
    Tuesday night the CW premiered its foray into the medical world with the new drama Emily Owens, M.D. Starring Mamie Gummer (the glorious offspring of the great Meryl Streep), Emily Owens is a med school grad beginning her surgical internship at Denver Memorial Hospital, and she just can’t seem to shake her high school insecurities. Whether it’s her nefarious school days nemesis Cassandra (Aja Naomi King) passively aggressively undermining her every move, her med school friend/fellow intern/secret crush Will (Justin Hartley), or her demanding, intimidating idol, the brilliant Dr. Bandari (Necar Zadegan), Emily finds herself anxiety-ridden in a lifestyle that's stressful enough as it is. But there’s a ray of sunlight in her new job: Micah (Michael Rady), her resident, who not only helps her put things in perspective, but maybe, just maybe, likes her as more than just a mentee. Boom: requisite love triangle established. Watching the season premiere last night, I was shocked by the show’s similarities to another, famous long-running medical drama. You know the one I’m talking about. The one whose doctors recently survived a plane crash on a mysterious island where the Dharma Initiative was born and are now running around with a revengenda hunting villains with a bow and arrow and… wait, I’m getting confused! Deep breath. Let’s start over. I'm talking about Grey’s Anatomy. Emily Owens, M.D. seemed to be almost a carbon copy of ABC’s veteran medical drama. Now, medical dramas are obviously going to see some crossover. That’s unavoidable. But this isn't merely a few coincidences here and there. The entire show’s structure was practically the same, and those similarities can’t be ignored: 1. The voice-over/narration by the titular doc throughout the episode, kind of like Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) in every episode, ever. 2. The emotional monologues from the characters, telling (not showing) how they feel and explaining their actions, a.k.a. Grey's Anatomy, also in every episode, ever. 3. The brilliant, yet bitchy doctor all the interns fear and idolize, much like Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) in Grey's earlier seasons. 4. Emily’s profession of love in a bumbling speech to her best guy friend, which has happened to just about every character on Grey's Anatomy. 5. The lesbian intern struggling with the implications of her sexuality, much like Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez). 6. The Chief of surgery cheating on his wife with another hospital employee, just like the Chief Webber cheating on Adele with Meredith's mother. 7. The patients’ medical drama eerily mirroring the doctors' relationship drama, giving the patients the opportunity to give advice that conveniently and completely solves all the doctors’ dilemmas. Once again, this is every episode of Grey's Anatomy ever. Now, that’s a whole lotta similarities going on. The comparisons should completely turn viewers off, and yet, it works.  Somehow the few, small-yet-game-changing differences completely change the entire tone of the show and the result is really quite charming. For one thing, after Emily’s profession of love to Will, her crush completely shuts her down, saying he just sees her as a friend. It was awkward. It was uncomfortable. It was mortifying. And it was totally realistic. Unlike Grey’s Anatomy’s epic love stories and heartfelt confessions that are few and far between in real life, having a crush not return your feelings happens more than we’d all care to admit. That “just friends” response Will gives to Emily slams the swelling romantic background music to a jarring halt, quickly reminding us this was one happy ending that isn't going to play out. Emily raids the vending machines and camps out in a stairwell to nurse her wounded pride. Girl, I’m with you on that one. Life isn’t pretty, and Emily does the best she can with the lemons she's given. And another significant difference is that Emily – unlike Meredith Grey’s "dark, twisty" personality – is light, happy, and optimistic. Even after her heart is stomped on by the guy she’s been crushing on for years, a quick pep talk with Micah puts her life in perspective, and she puts that smile back on her face and gets back to work with a kick in her step. Faced with her high school nemesis, she remains upbeat and confronts her, determined to not let anything stop her from being a good doctor. This sunnier disposition can partly be attributed to Gummer’s brilliant portrayal of Emily. She conveys emotions and feelings with subtle shifts in her facial expressions and the tone of her voice is astounding. It could have something to do with her good genes – being Meryl Streep's daughter never hurts. No other comment will be made of her parentage, though. Gummer clearly has talent, and I don’t care whether it is learned or inherited. As long as I get to see her on my TV Tuesday nights, that's fine by me. The effect of these few changes made this show (at least, the pilot) worth watching. Only time will tell if the rest of the season continues on this trend. And in the words of Emily Owens herself at the end of the pilot: “Oh come on. It’s gotta get better than this—right?” Emily Owens, M.D. airs Tuesday nights on the CW. Follow Sydney on Twitter @SydneyBucksbaum [Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW] More: 'Emily Owens, M.D.' Stars Tease the Show's Steamy Love Triangle Teaser Time! CW's 'Beauty & The Beast,' 'Arrow,' 'Emily Owens MD' TV Tidbits: 'Sons' Vet Moves On, Bette Midler Goes 'Glee'
  • 'Gossip Girl': OMG! Chuck And Blair Get [SPOILER], But Who's Getting Arrested? — PIC
    By: Sydney Bucksbaum Oct 16, 2012
    A Gossip Girl photo is making the rounds today and it hints at a happy ending for Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Blair (Leighton Meester). In this spoiler-y photo, it looks like our two favorite schemers are finally putting that secret engagement ring Blair currently wears around her neck to good use: a wedding in Central Park! Blair is in a blue wedding gown, a subtle and realistic nod to the fact it won’t be her first trip down the aisle. (Prince Louis, if only you were merely a dream.) And unlike Blair's royal wedding last season, this affair doesn’t seem to be a big event – the only witnesses are Chuck’s uncle Jack, Blair’s stepfather Cyrus, Serena, Dan, Nate… and, oddly enough, Georgina, who Blair hates. There doesn’t even seem to be a real photographer on hand to catch the nuptial kiss: Serena is taking a pic with her phone. Of course, this wouldn’t be Gossip Girl without some drama added into the mix. The ceremony is interrupted by the police who pull Chuck away from his own wedding. So much for an Upper East Side fairy tale. Now, this wedding doesn’t seem to be in the style of Blair and Chuck (although, let’s be honest, the drama sounds right up their alley), so we're scratching our heads a bit. How did it come to this? Well, we dreamt up a few different ways the UES royalty could have gotten to this point. 1. Chuck and Blair both decided being real adults is just too darn difficult, and gave up on their pact to wait to be together until they both accomplish success on their own. However, they didn’t realize their contract was legally binding, and Chuck must spend their honeymoon in jail. Conjugal visits, anyone? 2. In the haste to get his hotel back from his father so he can finally be with the girl he loves, Chuck didn’t bother coming up with any crazy schemes and just took the lazy – and illegal – route of putting his dad six feet under (for good this time). Poor B, married to a murderer? 3. Chuck’s penchant for prostitutes finally catches up to him. It’s about time, really. 4. Or Chuck’s penchant for drugs finally catches up to him. Once again, it’s about time. 5. Blair finds out that Chuck is the notorious Gossip Girl, and they plan a quickie wedding before he is arrested for invasion of privacy and slander. How do you think Blair and Chuck ended up in this crazy situation? Hit the comments with your theories. Gossip Girl airs Mondays on the CW. Follow Sydney on Twitter @SydneyBucksbaum [Photo Credit: Bauer Griffin] More: OMG! Identity of 'Gossip Girl' Will Be Revealed! 'Gossip Girl' Season Premiere: Was That an OMG or a WTF Moment? OMSG, It's A New 'Gossip Girl' Preview! — VIDEO From Our Partners: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Cuddle at Chateau Marmont: 15 of the ‘Twilight’ Couple’s Most Romantic Date Nights — GALLERY (Celebuzz) Reese Witherspoon Debuts Post-Baby Figure Two Weeks After Giving Birth — PHOTOS (Celebuzz)