10 Celebs you didn’t know were vegan

Ever thought of embracing a plant-based lifestyle? Get inspired by these 9 celebs who are vegan or embrace a vegan diet.

1. Ellen DeGeneres
Ellen Degeneres at the World premiere of Disney-Pixar's Finding Dory
While her treatment of some people on her show has made entertainment news headlines, there’s no doubt that the celeb talk show host respects animals. DeGeneres rescues animals as pets and follows a strict vegan diet along with her celeb wife, Portia de Rossi. DeGeneres told Good Housekeeping that she loves animals because “they offer unconditional love in ways humans can’t — plus, they don’t talk back.”
2. Russell Brand
Russell Brand at Changes Uk Celebrates 10 Years With Fire And Ice Ball
Russell Brand has been an on-again, off-again vegan since he was 14. In 2011, Brand was named one of PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrities. When celeb Katy Perry’s ex officially switched completely to veganism, he tweeted, “I’m now vegan, goodbye eggs, hello Ellen.”
3. Megan Fox
Megan Fox
While normally in the news for her love life (she recently split from Brian Austin Green and started dating Machine Gun Kelly), this celeb’s devotion to animals deserves some coverage. The bombshell told People that her children attend a vegan school where they grow their own food. Fox teaches her children never to harm animals, even the smallest creatures like ants.
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4. Brad Pitt
Perhaps it was differences in their diet and/or morals that drove Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie apart. Pitt’s been a longtime vegan while Jolie has always eaten meat. That must have made for some awkward dinners! Pitt isn’t a fan of fish, saying it gives you “fish breath,” and he’s advocated against the inhumane treatment of egg-laying hens.
5. Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle follows a vegan diet most of the time and even has Prince Harry and baby Archie going meat-free. Markle went so far as to make sure baby Archie’s nursery decor was vegan, even down to the paint.
6. Katie Holmes
Katie Holmes at the MCC Theater's Inaugural Let's Play! Celebrity Game Night
Tom Cruise’s ex-wife and Suri Cruise’s mom is a confirmed vegan. After splitting from Jamie Foxx, the natural beauty has been spotted around New York City looking chic and fit, no doubt thanks to her vegan lifestyle. Let’s hope her new boyfriend, celeb chef Emilio Vitolo, can whip up some vegan meals.
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7. Serena Williams
Serena Williams at the 91st Academy Awards (Oscars 2019)
A champion on the court, celeb athlete Serena Williams is also a champion for animal rights. Not letting her diet restrictions slow her down, Williams has won the U.S. Tennis Open three times since going vegan. The superstar athlete occasionally strays from her super strict diet, though, calling herself a “chegan,” because she sometimes cheats with chicken or fish.
8. Tom Brady
Tom Brady at the Opening of the New TB12 Store
NFL Superstar Tom Brady credits veganism for his ability to perform as an MVP football player in his 40s. Brady is vegan with his wife, celeb model Gisele Bündchen, and he details his plant-based diet in his book, The TB12 Method. Take a look at more famous power couples who will inspire you to go vegan here.
9. Hailey Baldwin Bieber
While not a full-fledged vegan yet, the socialite celeb and wife to pop star Justin Bieber announced on her Instagram that she is transitioning to a plant-based diet. The supermodel’s favorite vegan indulgences include RipVan waffles and veggie burgers from Monty’s Good Burger.
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10. Lizzo
The celeb singer embraced a plant-based diet a little less than a year ago, sharing her go-to vegan recipe hacks on TikTok. Lizzo even won a 2020 PETA award for her TikTok recipes.


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