10 of our favorite Hollywood celebs from the ‘90s

Winona Ryder,Jim Carrey,Tom Hanks
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As someone in their mid to late twenties, when I think about the 90’s I feel SO nostalgic. The 1990s must have had something special because it’s almost 25 years later and everyone still seems to be talking about it. 

Some of the best actors and movies ever came out of the 1990s which is part of why we love this time period so much. We recently took a trip down memory lane and talked about our favorite movies from the 1990s, but what about the actors who played our favorite characters? Here are some of our favorite celebs from this iconic era, and the movies they starred in. 

‘90s Celebs: Winona Ryder 

It is rare to find an actor as versatile as Winona Ryder. She was an angsty punk girl in Girl Interrupted then turned right around to play a godly, innocent young woman in II. Winona Ryder got her first big break when starring in Heathers, and went on to have a career spanning over three decades. In the 90’s she starred in classics like Edward Scissorhands and Reality Bites, both films that shaped an entire generation.

8 Winona Ryder movies from the ’90s

  1. Heathers (1989): watch Heathers on Hulu. 
  2. Edward Scissorhands (1990): Watch Edward Scissorhands on STARZ.
  3. Mermaids (1990): Watch Mermaids for free on YouTube.
  4. Reality Bites (1994): Watch Reality Bites with SHOWTIME on Hulu.
  5. Little Women (1994): Watch Little Women with STARZ on Amazon Prime
  6. The Crucible (1996): Watch The Crucible for free on YouTube.
  7. Boys (1996): Not available online at this time.
  8. Girl, Interrupted (1999): Watch Girl, Interrupted on STARZ on Hulu.

What people are saying about Winona Ryder’s ‘90s films in 2021:

Winona Ryder is still killing it today, acting in all four seasons in Stranger Things as Joyce Byers. 

What does Winona Ryder look like now?

‘90s Celebs: Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Phillip Seymour Hoffman was known for distinct and polarizing roles, especially in the ‘90s. Magnolia is a masterpiece and is considered one of the best films of the 1990s, and this led Phillip Seymour Hoffman into a successful career in the 2000s.

8 Phillip Seymour Hoffman movies from the ‘90s:

  1. Scent of a Woman (1992): Watch Scent of a Woman on Amazon Prime.
  2. When a Man Loves a Woman (1994): Watch When a Man Loves a Woman on Apple TV+.
  3. Hard Eight (1996): Watch Hard Eight on Amazon Prime.
  4. Boogie Nights (1997): Watch Boogie Nights on HBO Max.
  5. The Big Lebowski (1998): Buy or rent The Big Lebowski on Amazon. 
  6. Happiness (1998): Happiness is not currently available to buy or rent online.
  7. Magnolia (1999): Watch Magnolia with Cinemax on Hulu.
  8. The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999): Buy or rent The Talented Mr. Ripley on Amazon.

What people are saying about Phillip Seymour Hoffman90s films in 2021:

While Phillip Seymour Hoffman may have suddenly passed away in 2014, his films will live on forever. 

90s Celebs: Julia Roberts 

Julia Roberts was an ICON in the ‘90s. Starring in rom-coms like Pretty Woman and Notting Hill, there are too many classic films to count. I mean, who doesn’t remember those inimitable words in Notting Hill, “I’m just a girl standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.”

7 Julia Roberts movies from the ‘90’s

  1. Pretty Woman (1990): Watch Pretty Woman on Hulu. 
  2. Sleeping with the Enemy (1991): Watch Sleeping With the Enemy on Amazon Prime. 
  3. Hook (1991): Watch Hook on Netflix. 
  4. Something to Talk About (1995): Buy or rent Something to Talk About on Amazon.
  5. My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997): Buy or rent My Best Friend’s Wedding on Amazon.
  6. Notting Hill (1999): Watch Notting Hill on Peacock TV.
  7. Runaway Bride (1999): Watch Runaway Bride on Netflix.

What people are saying about Julie Roberts ‘90s films in 2021:

What does Julia Roberts look like now?

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Julia Roberts went on to act in some iconic movies in the 2000s like Erin Brockovich and Eat Pray Love

‘90s Celebs: Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman is regarded as one of the best actors of our times, starring in The Shawshank Redemption and Se7en. We all know and love him for his striking performances and deep rumbling voice and for these reasons he’s had a long and successful career. 

6 Morgan Freeman movies from the ‘90’s

  1. The Shawshank Redemption (1995): Buy or rent The Shawshank Redemption on Amazon.
  2. Outbreak (1995): Watch Outbreak with HBO Max.
  3. Se7en (1995): Watch Se7en with HBO Max.
  4. Chain Reaction (1996): Watch Chain Reaction with STARZ on Hulu. 
  5. Kiss The Girls (1997): Watch Kiss the Girls with SHOWTIME on Amazon Prime. 
  6. Hard Rain (1998): Watch Hard Rain with Paramount+ on Amazon Prime. 

What people are saying about Morgan Freeman ‘90s films in 2021:

What does Morgan Freeman look like now?

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‘90s Celebs: Leonardo DiCaprio

After all these years in the business, it is very clear that Leonardo DiCaprio is THE actor of our generation. His three-decade-long career includes ‘90s classics like What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and Titanic. It seems like Leonardo DiCaprio was simply getting started in the ‘90s, but we can’t help but appreciate the earlier work that led him to where he is today

6 Leonardo Dicaprio movies from the 90’s 

  1. This Boy’s Life (1993): Buy or rent on Amazon.
  2. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993): Watch What’s Eating Gilbert Grape on Netflix. 
  3. The Basketball Diaries (1995): Buy or rent The Basketball Diaries on Amazon.
  4. Romeo + Juliet (1996): Buy or rent Romeo + Juliet on Amazon. 
  5. Marvin’s Room (1996): Watch Marvin’s Room with HBO on Amazon Prime. 
  6. Titanic (1997): Watch Titanic with STARZ on Hulu. 

What people are saying about Leonardo DiCaprio ‘90s films in 2021:

What does Leonardo DiCaprio look like now?

Leonardo Dicaprio is still a very familiar face on screen. He’s acted in recent films like Django Unchained, Wolf of Wall Street, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. He is currently filming Don’t Look Up with Adam Mckay and a new film with Martin Scorcese called Killers of the Flower Moon––we have all of the details here

‘90s Celebs: Juliette Lewis

Juliette Lewis was a very versatile actress of the ‘90s and started a fruitful career after starring in Cape Fear alongside Jessica Lange and Robert De Niro, where she was nominated for an Academy Award for her role as Danielle. She has since worked on some very successful projects throughout the ‘90s and 2000s. 

8 Juliette Lewis movies from the ’90s

  1. Crooked Hearts (1990): Buy or rent on Amazon.
  2. Cape Fear (1991): Watch Cape Fear on Peacock TV.
  3. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993): Watch What’s Eating Gilbert Grape on Netflix.
  4. Natural Born Killers (1994): Watch Natural Born Killers with STARZ on Hulu. 
  5. The Basketball Diaries (1995): Buy or rent The Basketball Diaries on Amazon.
  6. From Dusk Till Dawn (1996): Watch From Dusk Till Dawn oh HBO Max. 
  7. Some Girl (1998): Buy or rent Some Girl on Amazon.
  8. The Other Sister (1999): Buy or rent The Other Sister on Amazon.

What people are saying about Juliette Lewis ‘90s films in 2021:

What does Juliette Lewis look like now?

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‘90s Celebs: Jim Carrey 

When you think of Jim Carrey, you think of all his comedic hits from the ‘90s – Ace Ventura, Dumb and Dumber, The Truman Show – Shall I go on? His crazy body movements, wild facial expressions, and colorful characters are the reasons we love Jim Carrey, and his iconic performances have enabled him to spend big bucks on his own private jet.

8 Jim Carrey movies from the ’90s

    1. Ace Ventura Pet Detective (1994): Watch Ace Ventura with AMC+ on Amazon Prime.
    2. The Mask (1994): Watch The Mask on Tubi. 
    3. Dumb and Dumber (1994): Buy or rent Dumb and Dumber on Amazon.
    4. Batman Forever (1995): Watch Batman Forever on HBO Max. 
    5. The Cable Guy (1996): Buy or rent The Cable Guy on Amazon.
    6. Liar Liar (1997): Buy or rent Liar Liar on Amazon.
    7. The Truman Show (1998): Watch The Truman Show on YouTube.
    8. Man on The Moon (1999): Watch The Man on The Moon on Cinemax. 

What people are saying about Jim Carrey ‘90s films in 2021:

What does Jim Carrey look like now?

Jim Carrey recently starred in the show Kidding, which is available to watch with Showtime on Hulu. 

‘90s Celebs: Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro absolutely owned the 1980s and 1990s as an actor and has been gracing our presence on the big screen since the 70s. Robert De Niro dominated the world of gangster films, and has taken on some incredible roles in Goodfellas, A Bronx Tale and Casino

8 Robert De Niro movies from the 90’s

  1. Goodfellas (1990): Watch GoodFellas with HBO Max.  
  2. Cape Fear (1991): Watch Cape Fear on Peacock TV. 
  3. A Bronx Tale (1993): Buy or rent A Bronx Tale on Amazon.
  4. Casino (1995): Buy or rent Casino on Amazon.
  5. Sleepers (1996): Watch Sleepers on Cinemax.
  6. Marvins Room (1996): Watch Marvin’s Room with HBO Max on Hulu. 
  7. Jackie Brown (1997): Watch Jackie Brown with Paramount+ on Amazon Prime. 
  8. Analyze this (1999): Watch Analyze This on Tubi. 

What people are saying about Robert De Niro ‘90s films in 2021:

What does Robert De Niro look like now?

‘90s Celebs: Bruce Willis

In the ‘90s, Bruce Willis was a megastar and he spent a majority of the decade acting in a string of diverse films, some of which would be considered cinematic classics. From Pulp Fiction to Die Hard, his films skyrocketed him to success. 

7 Bruce Willis movies from the ‘90’s

  1. Die Hard (1989): Watch Die Hard on Hulu. 
  2. Death Becomes Her (1992): Watch Death Becomes Her on HBO Max. 
  3. Pulp Fiction (1994): Watch Pulp Fiction on HBO Max. 
  4. Nobody’s Fool (1994): Watch Nobody’s Fool on Amazon Prime. 
  5. The Fifth Element (1997): Watch The Fifth Element on Paramount+ on Amazon Prime. 
  6. Armageddon (1998): Buy or rent Armageddon on Amazon.
  7. The Sixth Sense (1999): Buy or rent The Sixth Sense on Amazon.

What people are saying about Bruce Willis ‘90s films in 2021:

What does Bruce Willis look like now?

Twenty years later Bruce Willis is still making action movies. See him star in the 2021 film Cosmic Sin, available to rent or buy now on Amazon.

‘90s Celebs: Tom Hanks  

For over three decades now, Tom Hanks has been in countless A-list films and is Hollywood’s “Mr. Nice Guy” and a real life good person. A League of Their Own established Tom Hanks as an ally for women. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan were the dream team in Sleepless in Seattle and Philadelphia served as his segway into serious dramas which won him his first Oscar. 

Although we are still obsessed with Tom Hanks to this day, he made some of the best films of his career in the 1990s.

11 Tom Hanks movies from the ‘90’s

  1. A League of Their Own (1992): Watch A League of Their Own on HBO Max. 
  2. Sleepless in Seattle (1993): Watch Sleepless in Seattle on AMC+ on Amazon Prime. 
  3. Philadelphia (1993): Watch Philadelphia with STARZ on Hulu. 
  4. Forrest Gump (1994): Buy or rent Forrest Gump on Amazon Prime. 
  5. Apollo 13 (1995): Watch Apollo 13 on Peacock TV.
  6. Toy Story (1995): Watch Toy Story on Disney+.
  7. That Thing You Do (1996): Watch That Thing You Do on Hulu. 
  8. Saving Private Ryan (1998): Watch Saving Private Ryan on Netflix.
  9. You’ve Got Mail (1998): Watch You’ve Got Mail on Hulu. 
  10. Toy Story 2 (1999): Watch Toy Story 2 on Disney+. 
  11. The Green Mile (1999): Watch The Green Mile on HBO Max. 

What people are saying about Tom Hanks ‘90s films in 2021:

What does Tom Hanks look like now?

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We hope you enjoyed this heavy dose of ‘90s nostalgia. 

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