15 Movies You Forgot Charlize Theron Starred In

Charlize Theron is a favorite on Hollywood’s A-list. Over the course of her career she’s had more than a few memorable roles and earned herself an Oscar. However, there are several films she’s graced with her talent and beauty that don’t immediately come to mind when her name is mentioned! Check out these 15 films that you forgot Charlize Theron starred in.

Playing a late 30-something teen novelist, Mavis Gary's boredom with life leads her back to the town she grew up in with hopes of winning back her now-married ex-boyfriend in this dark comedy.
Most fans forget Charlize played high maintenance girlfriend, Tina, who dumped her bland boyfriend for a hunky dentist in this feel good, music themed movie.
As Candy, Charlize hit the road with her BF and another couple for a Monster Truck show in Reno, which opened all their eyes to more than just redneck fun.
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Held hostage and desperate to get her daughter back from kidnappers, Charlize played the part of Kate Jennings, a mother in physical and mental stress to perfection.
Charlize seamlessly slid into the role of sexy waitress, Billie Tyler, who plants seeds of doubt in the mind of a lawyer who is on the verge of getting married to a high maintenance hag.
Playing a tough and resourceful Savannah girl whose bankrupt father commits suicide, Charlize's character Adele comes up with a spur-of-the-moment plan to stage a promotional match with legendary players Walter Hagen and Bobby Jones in an effort to help dig her out of mounting debt.
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Living a privileged life as a photographer in Paris, Charlize's character Gilda spins a sticky web full of love and lust while ignoring the immediate impact of the Spanish Civil War.
Playing a confident woman named Slyvia who is making a living as a restaurant manager, Charlize uses her smarts to mask her promiscuity, self-mutilation, and suicidal impulses.
Although the movie was widely panned, Charlize made the most of playing a beautiful double identity decoy named Ashley.
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Playing real-life historical figure Josey Aimes, Charlize brought Aimes' ground breaking sexual harassment lawsuit against an iron mining company in Minnesota to the silver screen.
Showing her versatility as an actress, Charlize slayed her role of an expertly trained soldier, Aeon Flux who is out for revenge against the government that killed her family.
In this suspenseful drama, Charlize takes on the role of Stella. Teaming up with her murdered father's friends, they embark on a mission to take back what is rightfully theirs from his killer.
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This romantic movie shows Charlize's softer side. She played Sara, a woman who agrees to date a guy she meets at the DMV for only one month, just to see where the relationship goes.
Tackling the role of a sexy Norwegian girlfriend to a murderer, this 1996 flick solidified Charlize's place in the Hollywood spotlight.
While this film was a major flop at the box office, Charlize fully committed to playing Jillian, the wife of an astronaut who was emotionally altered in an outer space accident.