5 Great Examples of Anthony Mackie’s ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ Enthusiasm

Anthony MackieAnthony Stanley/WENN

Sure, it’s a job. But it’s a really, really cool one. We love Captain America: The Winter Soldier star Anthony Mackie for reacting to being a part of the Marvel universe the same way we would: with total geeky glee. Here are five times The Falcon’s fanboy enthusiasm totally endeared him to us.

When He Did the Falcon Call

Mackie was so jazzed to play The Falcon that he undertook comprehensive research of the character’s namesake bird. Conan O’Brien asks him what he learned, and Mackie responds with an impressive (and we have to assume, accurate) bird call.

On Demanding the Cheesiest Costume Possible

So there was at least one aspect of the film that disappointed Mackie: The Falcon’s modern and stylized get-up. He was ready to slap on the spandex, even though the results might not have been pretty. “I wanted it to go all the way wrong,” he says.

On Inspiring Kids

The significance of playing the first black superhero in the Marvel film-verse isn’t lost on Mackie. “I’m looking forward to kids next Halloween putting on wings,” he says. 

On Leaving His Marvel Tab Open

“I kept open paperwork. Just, when you need me, call me. I can be anywhere in 12 hours.” That’s the spirit, Anthony. Maybe a dedicated Falcon movie might be in our future.

When He Surprised a Theater Full of Military Families

Mackie and his costar Sebastian Stan dropped in on a special screening of the film for families of service members. A superhero who makes house calls to his biggest fans? We’re in love.