6 Celebrity Couples Who Played Siblings While They Were Dating

Come again?!?! Believe it or not, you heard us right the first time. (You know, when you read the headline.) Although it seems so alienating and weird, there is technically nothing wrong with being actors who play family members on TV and actually dating in real life.

Because we have to remember that it’s not incest. These people on TV acting like brother and sister are merely that: people acting like brother and sister. Who are we to deny the almighty power of love? Besides, every love story is different. Who’s to say a love story in which two actors fall for one another while pretending they’re related is any weirder than a love story in which two people fall in love on a blind date?

Here are six couples who dated each other (while they were playing siblings).

Wizards of Waverly Place… WAAA?! Selavid (or Davlena?) was never officially confirmed but the rumors swirled and swirled while these two teens starred on the hit Disney Channel show about a family of New York wizards. Henrie played Justin Russo, while Selena played his younger, devious sister Alex Russo. We kinda ship it but also, it’s kinda weird. We wonder what their shared TV mom and dad thought about the whole thing.

Can’t. Unsee. Adam. And. Sarah. Braverman. Lauren Graham’s character Sarah ran to her brother Adam for support on Parenthood. Financial support. Emotional support. He was a fixer. He fixed everything. He got the family back together. He reasoned with their parents. He was a great father and a great brother. The fact that these two former co-stars are still dating even five years after meeting each other on set is bonkers.


You might be thinking “whaaaaatttt” and that’s because for a time on Gossip Girl, Blake Lively and Penn Badgley’s respective characters Serena and Dan dated. But speaking logistically, their parents fell in love and got married. So for two seasons, Serena and Dan were legally step-siblings. In real life, the couple dated until 2010.

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Another awkward step-sibling situation… Except these on-screen step-siblings also played lovers because why not? On Lost, Maggie and Ian's characters, Shannon and Boone fell in love. In real life, they also fell in love in 2006 but quickly separated after just a year of dating.

Never forget when Amy Poehler and Will Arnett (who were married at the time) played a brother-and-sister duo in Blades of Glory. Their real-life marriage made their cringe-worthy, borderline incestuous comedy scenes all the more hilarious.

Hay and Milo met on the set of Heroes, where they didn’t portray siblings but actually, an uncle and niece. Makes sense since there’s a 12-year age gap between the duo. But when the cameras stopped rolling, these on-screen family members acted anything but. They proceeded to date from 2007 to 2009.