7 Celebrities Who Tried (and Failed) at the Music Game

Eddie Murphy, Love's AlrightEddie Murphy/Motown Records

It pays to be able to do a little bit of everything. Since many celebrities have their hands in more than one business, it’s not surprising when actors, models, or athletes release their own albums. After all, you got to make that money. However, whether it’s bizarre singing, misguided styling, or just plain buffoonery, plenty of these celebs have made really poor choices in pursuing musical avenues.

Eddie Murphy

In the ’80s, Murphy proved himself to be a major comedy kingpin. He found a touch of musical success with “Party All the Time,” but his high voice and lack of stage personality have hindered him since. He sounds disturbingly like Prince but lacks the camp and sex appeal. For example this song, “Put Your Mouth on Me” lacks either the sex appeal or humor to carry such a suggestive song. He’s recently collaborated with Snoop Lion and maybe he’ll be able to erase his misguided attempts at pop music. 

Carmen Electra

Poor Carmen Electra. She’s beautiful, she’s funny, but she can’t seem to catch a break. She never really found much success in television, movies, or marriage. And despite being a Prince protégé, she did not find success in music. Her songs were a little too on-the-nose, with titles like “Go-Go Dancer” and “Fantasia Erotica.”

Oscar de la Hoya

A background in boxing isn’t usually the first thing you think about when you’re looking for a new music artist to latch onto. De la Hoya doesn’t have the most aggressive speaking voice. That combined with overly sweet ballads make him sound like a sexy baby. His album was originally released in Spanish with some English translations. However, the language barrier was not enough to save his overly high voice and misguided genre choice. 

Alyssa Milano

In between Who’s the Boss and Charmed, Milano did find some success in music… in Japan. Her juvenile pop music seems more fitting for karaoke than for the dance charts. But she did a lot of talk-singing and not enough performing. Milano does embody the cheesiness of her time period but she didn’t have the panache to make it in the American music charts. 

Joey Lawrence

Lawrence had all the makings of a teen heartthrob. He tried his hand at music with “Nothin’ My Love Can’t Fix” and had decent success with the teen market. However, he didn’t have the musical chops to really deliver on ballads as proven from this video. Had he tried for a more Justin Bieber vibe he probably could have made millions and then got caught into an egg-throwing scandal. Instead, he’s been relegated to basic cable purgatory with Melissa & Joey. 

Naomi Campbell

Before she proved her hand at throwing phones, Campbell released an album entitled Baby Woman. That may be reason enough to not want to listen to any of her music. She has a decent singing voice but her sounds seem to both embody and rub against the 1990s. Maybe all of her iPhone-hurtling anger is over the failure of her music career. 

Kevin Federline

It may be a stretch to consider Federline a celebrity. Especially, considering he did not find success with his music career after divorcing Britney Spears. He previewed his first albums with two songs, including “PopoZão” that were so bad they weren’t included on the album. To add insult to injury, said album, Playing with Fire  was also a huge dud. Looks like his music is toxic and he’s slipping under.