A List of 12 Celebs Who Are Shorter Than You Think

National Short Person Day is a December holiday often––quite literally––overshadowed by the more festive ones. Today, we’re putting 12 short celebs in the spotlight.

Considering most of these celebs grace the big screen, you may be surprised at just how short they are in real life. These entertainment stars prove that, just like age, height is nothing more than a number.

Jack Black – 5’7”
Jack Black at the Art of Elysium Gala
Jack Black tops the list at just 5’7”. You either love or hate this comedic actor and musician, known for his roles in films like School of Rock and King Kong.
Dave Franco – 5’7”
Dave Franco
James Franco has both a few inches and a few years on his little brother Dave Franco, but we love them both equally. Who could forget Dave Franco’s breakthrough role as Greg in Superbad, or his starring role in 21 Jump Street? We can’t wait to see how he portrays Vanilla Ice in the upcoming biopic.
Jonah Hill – 5’7”
Jonah Hill at MoMA's (Museum of Modern Art) 11th Annual Film Benefit
In the years since SuperbadJonah Hill has spent a lot of time thinking about his own personal style. The celeb recently made entertainment news headlines talking about how the fashion industry makes it hard for anyone who doesn’t have the measurements of a model to develop their own personal sense of style.
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Al Pacino –5’7”
This Academy award-winning actor made the short list for height, too. While Pacino has won plenty of awards in his five-decade career, he’s also on our list of actors who won Oscars for the wrong movie.
James McAvoy – 5’7”
James McAvoy at the Dark Phoenix premiere, held at Hollywood's TCL Chinese Theatre
This celeb’s height never got in the way of him playing 23 different characters in filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan’s Split. This versatile actor can make family-friendly entertainment, too. He’s one of the actors featured in our list of top holiday movies.
Tom Cruise – 5’7”
Tom Cruise at The UK Premiere of 'Mission: Impossible – Fallout' held at the BFI IMAX
This talented actor is known for his ridiculous antics almost as much as his blockbuster hits. His most recent rant had several crewmembers quit during the production of the next Mission: Impossible movie, but other actors are defending his outburst this time.
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Dustin Hoffman – 5’6”
The Oscar winner who starred in the hit Hollywood movie Rain Man is just one inch shorter than Cruise, who plays his brother in the film–which we ranked alongside all Best Picture winners here.
Elijah Wood – 5’6”
The celeb known for The Lords of the Rings trilogy has proven to be a versatile actor. We’re looking forward to see him play the FBI analyst who studied serial killer Ted Bundy in a new crime thriller movie.
Bruno Mars – 5’5”

Learn why the celeb singer changed his name from Peter Gene Hernandez before making his big break in Hollywood.

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Richard Dreyfuss – 5’5”
Richard Dreyfuss at the American Film Institute's Lifetime Achievement Award to Diane Keaton
Did you know this celeb actor busted his head open during the production of American Graffiti? The film is one of 16 iconic movies that almost didn’t happen because of terribile productions.
Kevin Hart – 5’4½”
Kevin Hart at the UK Premiere Jumanji The Next Level
We’re not going to make any short jokes––Kevin Hart is funnier than we’ll ever be. We’ll let him make you laugh. Make sure to catch his latest Netflix special, the most-streamed comedy special on Netflix for 2020.
Danny DeVito – 4’10”
We couldn’t forget this Hollywood celeb, who has been the butt of countless short jokes over the years. Still, you can always rely on him for entertainment. Do you remember when he played a stripper on an episode of Friends? The cult-classic 90s show has had many surprising guest stars across all ten seasons.

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