9 Actors Whose Big Hollywood Break Came In An Unconventional Way

Fame is a funny thing. To be a recognizable face on the small or silver screen, many actors work hard for years to get their big break. However, there’s a handful of A-list talent who never planned on life in the spotlight, but happened to be in the right place at the right time to get the opportunity of a lifetime. Check out these famous faces whose lives took a dramatic turn totally on accident!

Charlize Theron
The Oscar winning actress was broke and begging a bank teller to allow her to pull money from a South African bank account when a talent agent spotted Charlize and offered to represent her on the spot. Her first movie, Children of The Corn III, soon followed and it wasn't long before Charlize Theron was one of the most in demand actresses in Hollywood.
Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson's career kicked off when he gave his friend a ride to audition for Mad Max. Mel's busted face from a bar fight prompted the casting director to ask Mel to return and audition at a later date since they were looking for people with off beat faces. When he showed up three weeks later with his face back to normal, the casting director had him read for the lead role, and the rest is movie making history!
Rosario Dawson
Rosario Dawson was just a poor teen living in the Lower East Side of NYC when she was spotted on the stoop of her building by writer/director Harmony Korine, who was casting for his disturbing and iconic movie Kids. She landed the role of Ruby, and from that film on hasn't been without work on-camera!
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Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman was just 11 when she was approached by a Revlon cosmetics rep, who told her she should pursue modeling. Natalie passed on the idea and said she'd rather act. That interaction sparked the initiative to pursue life on the silver screen. It's worked out well for Natalie, and she has an Oscar to prove it!
Ashton Kutcher
The Iowa born actor was at a bar when he was approached by a talent scout who suggested he enter a modeling competition. Ashton entered and won, thrusting him into the modeling world. Thanks to that experience and his connections, Ashton Kutcher was able to transition into a successful acting career.
Pamela Anderson
The former Playboy model and Baywatch actress was plucked from obscurity at a BC Lions Canadian Football League game when the crowd camera put her up on the jumbo screen Pamela Anderson received such a positive response from game goers, it wasn't long before she was living permanently in the spotlight.
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Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford had landed a few small parts before his movie career came to a stand still. He took up carpentry to pay the bills when auditions for Star Wars started. A Hollywood scout hired Harrison to fix a door where auditions were taking place. The director was so floored by his looks, he quickly had Harrison try out for the part of Han Solo, which ultimately locked him into Hollywood's A-list for life.
Ellen Pompeo
Ellen Pompeo was waitressing when a casting director asked if she'd be open to auditioning for a role he was looking to fill because she looked the part. She gave it shot, landed the part, and from there, her career skyrocketed to success!
Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence wasn't planning on a career in front of the camera until she was visiting New York City and was approached by a casting director asking her to cold read for a commercial. She did it and impressed the casting directors enough for them to tell her it was the best cold read they'd ever seen. These days Jen is right at home on the red carpet and numerous award nominations for her sweet acting skills.