11 Actors You Didn’t Know Have Famous Grandparents

There are many different kinds of family businesses, but one we hardly think about is acting. However, there are families that have actors going on three generations. Some actors today are practically acting and music royalty! So which actors have not only famous parents, but famous grandparents? These 11 have a really interesting family tree.

Tony Goldwyn and Samuel Goldwyn & Frances Howard
Tony Goldwyn, Samuel Goldwyn, Frances Howard
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You know the actor as President Fitzgerald Grant on Scandal. But in real life he is kind of Hollywood royalty. His grandfather was Samuel Goldwyn, a film producer who partnered up with his brother-in-law to release films through Paramount when it was just a little start up. His name is also notably part of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) but Samuel was ousted from the company before the merger. His wife, Frances Howard, was also an actress but with only four projects under her belt.

Chris Pine and Anne Gwynne
Chris Pine, Anne Gwynne
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The handsome actor is known for playing Kirk in the J.J.AbramsStar Trek. But the actor most likely got the acting bug because it runs in his family. His grandmother was Anne Gwynne, a Universal Studios actress who appeared in "B" horror movies like Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe. She later had two kids one being Gwynne Gilford, who acted in movies like Fade to Black until the late '80s. She is the mother of Chris.

Steven R. McQueen and Steve McQueen
Steven R. McQueen, Steve McQueen
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The young actor plays Jeremy Gilbert on The Vampire Diaries and Jimmy Borelli on Chicago Fire. What you probably don't know is that he shares the genes and the name of a notable actor. His grandfather, Steve McQueen, acted in movies including The Great Escape, Wanted: Dead or Alive, and was nominated for an Oscar for The Sand Pebbles. He stopped working in 1980. He had two kids including a son named Chad, who is Steven's father. He worked as an actor, martial artist, producer, and race car driver.

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Katie Cassidy and Jack Cassidy
Katie Cassidy, Jack Cassidy
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The actress has been a regular on many television shows including Arrow, Gossip Girl, Melrose Place, and more. But you might not have noticed she has a famous last name! Her grandfather also was very busy on television. He was nominated for two Primetime Emmys for The Andersonville Trial and He & She. His career ran from 1957 to until he died in 1976. He had a son named David Cassidy, who was a singer and actor on The Patridge Family. David is Katie's father.

Ethan Peck and Gregory Peck
Ethan Peck, Gregory Peck
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The actor has been in movies including In Time and The Sorcerer's Stone. It's also no coincidence that he shares the same last name as a certain infamous actor. Gregory Peck won an Oscar for playing Atticus in To Kill a Mockingbird. He was also in Roman Holiday, The Omen, and more. Gregory married Greta Kukkonen who had Stephen, Ethan's father.

Oona Castilla Chaplin and Charlie Chaplin
Oona Castilla Chaplin, Charlie Chaplin
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The actress played Talisa in Game of Thrones and has been in movies including Quantum of Solace, The Longest Ride, and more. Many might not know that her last name is Chaplin, which is associated to a legendary actor and director. That's right, her grandfather is Charlie Chaplin,who was an icon during the silent film era. He won an Oscar for Best Music in Limelight along with an honorary award. He married Oona O'Neill and had kids including actress Geraldine Chaplin who is the mother of Oona.

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Dakota Johnson and Tippi Hedren
Dakota Johnson, Tippi Hedren
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The young actress' fame has skyrocketed due to her playing Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey. But she has a few famous members in her family. Her grandmother was Tippi Hedren, who was known to be Hitcock's muse and lead in The Birds and Marnie. Tippi had a daughter, Melanie Griffith, who is Dakota's mother and also an actress, known for many movies including Working Girl, Lolita, and more.

Angelica Huston and Walter Huston
Angelica Huston, Walter Huston
Splash News/Everett Collection

The actress was in The Royal Tenebaums and played Morticia in The Addams Family movies. Chances are she got the acting bug through genes in her family. Walter Huston was in Dodsworth, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, and more. He worked until the '50s. He had kids with Rhea Gore, one of which was John who is Anjelica's father.

Drew Barrymore and John Barrymore
Drew Barrymore, John Barrymore
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The actress started working as a little kid in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial and later made it in huge blockbusters like Scream. There is a big chance that she got her start thanks to family connections. Her grandfather is John Barrymore who acted from the 1910s to the 1940s in movies. He married silent movie actress, Dolores Costello and they had John Drew Barrymore, Drew's father.

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Alia Shawkat and Paul Burke
Alia Shawkat, Paul Burke
Splash News/Everett Collection

The actress is probably best known for her role as Maeby on Arrested Development. If you ever thought she looked like Paul Burke, then there's a reason. He's her grandfather! He acted in Valley of the Dolls, Naked City, 12 O'Clock High, and more. He later married Peggy Pryor and had a daughter named Dina. She is Alia's mother.

Riley Keough and Elvis Presley
Riley Keough, Elvis Presley
Splash News/Everett Collection

The beauty was in Mad Max: Fury Road, The Runaways, and more. She is also a descendant of rock & roll royalty. Her grandfather is Elvis Presley, who was a musician but was also in movies like Love Me Tender, Blue Hawaii, and more. He had a daughter named Lisa with Priscilla who is Riley's mother.