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Alec Baldwin Wants Custody Battle Book to Help Desperate Dads

Alec Baldwin insists his new book about California divorce law will be a self-help guide for fathers fighting custody battles.

The actor is planning to document his own custody fight for his daughter Ireland in the book, but he insists it won’t just be a negative look at California’s legal system.

He says, “People get married and one thing they don’t know… There really is a hidden danger, which is you don’t know what divorce law is like in the state that you reside in.

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“It’s this quicksand, where the system is corrupt, it’s inefficient and people lose a lot of money… It’s a thing that’s rigged by lawyers and judges for everyone to make a lot of money.

“That said, we don’t wanna write a book that just is a screed against that. We want to offer people some solutions.”

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