Alicia Keys finds meditation and scream therapy useful during lockdown


Alicia Keys has turned to meditation and screaming to help her deal with anxious moments during the ongoing coronavirus lockdown.

The No One singer joined Miley Cyrus for the latest Bright Minded livestream show on Monday (March 30, 2020) and told the host she’s finding peace and quiet and yelling helpful as she self-isolates.

“I’m really needing my meditation more than ever and when I miss it, I need it,” Alicia explained.

“Screaming is really amazing too. Don’t hold it back. Let it out… It really feels good…”

Keys also suggested fans seek out good, positive music when they’re feeling low and lonely: “Listen to songs that uplift you,” she added.

Miley’s Monday Instagram Live show also featured a chat with actress Selma Blair, who has been battling multiple sclerosis for several years.

The Hellboy star had advice for anyone who tests positive for the coronavirus, urging them to live life to the full if they can.

“This moment is what we have…,” she said. “Be the best you you can be… I’m a middle-aged woman with an incurable disease and it doesn’t even matter.”