‘Allegiant’ Star Theo James & Stephen Colbert Whisper Sweet Nothings To One Another

Theo James, Stephen Colbert, The Late Show, CBS, YouTube, 031816

Just when we thought Theo James couldn’t get any sexier, he goes and proves us wrong. Yesterday, the Allegiant star stopped by The Late Show to chat with Stephen Colbert about the third Divergent installment, and he reflected on his time at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in England. He told Colbert, “They made us do some horrendous stuff.” Apparently, there are some acting exercises that James is still trying to recover from. The dapper Brit wasn’t too ashamed to talk about one particularly awkward exercise that he engaged in called, “Circle of Love”. Apparently, he and his fellow acting students would all have to sit in a circle, turn to the person next to them, and tell them four things they loved about them. All of this occurred on the second day of school. This literally sounds like the most uncomfortable exercise on earth. However, James went on to say that it was even more alarming because many of his classmates were way too serious about it, and would begin fake crying.


Luckily for us, James wasn’t too scarred from “Circle of Love”, and he happily demonstrated the exercise with Stephen Colbert. The Late Show host told James, “Your accent feels like a warm blanket.”

See how the James responds in the video below: