Alyson Stoner’s Missy Elliot Tribute Video is a Must Watch

Alyson StonerYouTube/TheRealAlysonStoner

If you watched this year’s Super Bowl Half Time show you probably jumped out of your seat when Missy Elliot made a guest appearance. But, if you’re like me, you were searching for one more thing. Where was the little girl who was in almost all of Missy’s videos (and some of her live performances)? Alyson Stoner might have been MIA then, but she’s just showed up now in the best way.

On her YouTube page, TheRealAlysonStoner, she posted this Missy Elliot tribute and it’s ah-mazing:


She can still flip it and reverse like its nobody’s business.

You know Missy saw this and showed the love on Twitter:

And Missy also gave Alyson a shout out from when she was a kid:

Stoner is up to a lot more than you might have thought. She’s appeared in several Step Up movies, proving that she’s even better of a dancer now than when she was the “little girl” in Missy’s videos. She’s also voiced Isabella on Phineas and Ferb since 2007. In 2015, you can expect to see her Selling Isobel and Kandence. We can also look forward to original music from Stoner some time this year. 

You can follow Alyson Stoner on Twitter for updates on what she’s up to 13 years after the “Work It” music video released.