Amber Heard Is A No-Show In Court For Domestic Abuse Case Against Johnny Depp

Amber Heard, Johnny Depp

In May, Amber Heard claimed estranged husband Johnny Depp physically assaulted her. She had a bruise clearly visible on her face when she attended court. Heard planned to divorce Depp after allegedly going through years of physical and psychological abuse at his hand.

Now, it looks Heard has skipped a mandatory court date in her domestic violence/divorce  case. According to TMZHeard was set to appear for her deposition on Friday at 10 am, but was out of the country in London. 

Skipping the depo could have some severe consequences for Heard. Depp’s lawyers have already attempted to make her look like a mentally unstable liar. Skipping a court date won’t fair well for the case that she’s not. Depp’s lawyers have already asked the judge to bar her from testifying in next week’s trial because she wouldn’t get in the deposition room last weekend and testify. According to Depp’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, Heard was crying and screaming in an adjoining room and refused to testify. If Heard does not testify, the judge could dismiss the whole case.

Both Depp and Heard are attempting to reach a settlement for their divorce. Allegedly, Heard asked for $50K a month in spousal support, but Depp has not agreed. The court date has already been postponed since it was scheduled in June.