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Amy Adams Believes Aliens Are Definitely Out There

Arrival actress Amy Adams is eagerly awaiting the discovery of alien life.

The star appears in the upcoming science-fiction thriller, which sees her play a linguist tasked with translating communications from aliens who have come to Earth.

And Amy believes that real-life scientists contacting extra-terrestrial beings is a distinct possibility.

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Speaking about the topic at the movie’s BFI London Film Festival premiere on Monday (10Oct16), she said, “I mean why not right? we’ve been gazing into the stars for generations, why not?”

She added, “The idea that there could be something bigger than us has always been compelling to human beings, being alone just feels so strange.”

The Man of Steel star appears alongside Jeremy Renner in the new movie, which has seen strong reviews on the film festival circuit, creating early Oscar buzz.

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When asked what made her want to star in the film she explained, “Immediately the first ten minutes of the script had me emotionally invested, then when I started reading the science of it I loved it.”

“There was an intelligent, instinctual woman in a power role and then getting to the end and realizing there was so much more to discover about the character and the story, I was like yes, yes, yes.”

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The 42-year-old star also revealed one other reason behind her desire to sign up for the movie – she was desperate to work with one of her idols, Forest Whitaker, who plays a U.S. Colonel in the film.

“I started crying the first scene I did with Forest,” she said. “Because he’s been one of my favourite actors forever and I felt like I was about ten years old.”

Directed by Denis Villeneuve, Arrival opens in cinemas on 11 November (16).

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