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Amy Adams: ‘My life is very family-orientated’

Amy Adams was thrilled her family was in the audience when she accepted the American Cinematheque Award on Friday night (10Nov17).

The 43-year-old was presented with the prestigious prize at a ceremony held in Beverly Hills and was accompanied to the event by her husband Darren Le Gallo, and three of her seven siblings.

The annual event honours an artist for their body of work, with Amy pleased to share the evening with her nearest and dearest.

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“My life, as much as you guys see me in these moments, is very family oriented,” she told People.com on the red carpet. “To bring them in reminds me of sort of who I really am outside of what people’s perception is of me. I think that’s really important to me.”

Amy also used her speech to lavish praise on two fellow actresses, Kristen Stewart and Natalie Portman.

She recalled how she felt very uncool compared with 27-year-old Kristen when they filmed the 2012 drama On the Road, while her daughter Aviana Le Gallo was still a baby.

Kristen, I remember that porch. Now you’re like, ‘Oh my God, she was so cool,’ I wasn’t. I was lactating,” she said. “Here (Kristen) is, she’s like cool and smoking and I was like, lactating through my dress… So I’m trying to be cool with these young girls, and I’m not. I think you get the picture.”

She went on to describe Kristen as “such a brilliant talent and so unique to herself…she’s one of those women that I hold in high esteem.”

Amy also teased her friend Natalie, and joked: “Natalie, when I think about you, it’s such a shame about your face. I’m just saying I feel bad for you.”

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“But in all seriousness,” she continued. “I haven’t had the opportunity to work with her. I first got to know her through Mike Nichols, who I love dearly, and who loved Natalie dearly, and would tell me stories about Natalie, his Natalie. And I fell in love with her through his eyes.”

Past winners of the American Cinematheque Award include Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, and Reese Witherspoon.

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