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Angelina Jolie Asks Laura Bush to Nudge Her Husband Towards Education

Angelina Jolie is urging former librarian Laura Bush to “nudge her husband” about the world’s education crisis because it’s time America helped struggling nations provide teaching for kids.

Jolie admits she’s flattered by comparisons to First Lady Bush, who is also an advocate for global education, but she’d like President George W. Bush’s wife to become more of a force in the movement.

Jolie urges all Americans to do what they can to help those that cannot afford an education, even though there are so many pressing matters that need addressing at home.

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She says, “If we just fix home and the neighborhoods around us fall apart, what kind of a place are we gonna live in? It doesn’t make any sense.

“Britain gives three times more than us right now and they’re not richer than us, so I don’t know what the great excuse is (for not giving money to educational charities).”

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