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Angelina Jolie Speaks

Angelina Jolie is set to break her pre-birth silence with an exclusive interview on TV.

The reclusive actress, who is preparing to become a biological mom for the first time in Namibia, agreed to chat with Today show anchorwoman Ann Curry for a segment on the breakfast show, which will air on Thursday.

Wearing a brown tunic dress, matching trousers, cowboy boots and a head scarf, Jolie chose to conduct the chat as she walked along a dirt track road in Namibia.

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The Tomb Raider star tells Curry that her heart bleeds for the suffering children of Africa, like her own adopted daughter, Zahara Marley.

Jolie says, “She’s from a country where six million kids don’t go to school every year… Her mother died of AIDS and they wouldn’t have had any funds to send her to school.”

Curry was the only media person allowed to get close to Jolie and Brad Pitt as they prepare for parenthood in a fortress-like compound. Other prying photographers and reporters have been kicked out of the country by officials.

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