7 Animal Celebrities That Are More Successful Than You

There might be many celebrities out there that you’re jealous of but it’s time to expand your horizons, my friend. These celebrities have pets and they are doing fabulous things that most of us will never get to do.

1. Taylor Swift’s Cat Has Appeared In A Music Video


Olivia Benson was in the “Blank Space” music video which is arguably Taylor’s best music video yet. We are so jelly.

2. Chelsea Handler’s Dogs Regularly Visted Her Talk Show And Met Celebrities


Her dog, Jax has met Snoop Dog! He has a cooler social life than most of us.

3. Karl Lagerfeld’s Cat Gets Photographed By Karl Himself And Is Surrounded By Fashion 24/7


Any person who loves fashion would dream of having Choupette‘s life.

4. Grumpy Cat Got A Movie Deal and Made Millions of Dollars in 2014


Life just isn’t fair.

5. Lady Gaga’s Dog Made It On The Cover Of Haper’s Bazaar


Batpig looked fierce! We however don’t envy that name!

6. Jiggy From The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Is A Household Name


Forget Lisa Vanderpump, Jiggy is the true star!

7. Lil Bub  Has Her Own Website, Merchandise, And A Documentary All About Her

Don’t get caught off guard: prepare to ask for references early!

What have you done lately?

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