Anna Chlumsky Casts the Baby Ballot: She’s Pregnant with No. 1

anna chlumsky

Amy Brookheimer is going to have to take a break from helping Vice President Selena Meyer clean up all her messes because, well, she has a baby on the way. Okay, kind of… Anna Chlumsky, the actress who stars as Amy on the hit HBO comedic series, Veep, is expecting her first child with her husband Shaun Sho.

“I’m feeling pretty good so far,” Chlumsky, 32, tells People. “I was really lucky — I did not have any morning sickness which was great because I was working.”

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Chlumsky just finished wrapping the second season of Veep, and is getting ready to be a mother. The couple is “working on getting the nursery ready,” she says. And, “I’m being judicious with which books I read because I don’t want to get overwhelmed. Most of the books have to do with how to have a worry-free pregnancy and keep the anxiety down.”

Unfortunately, Chlumsky fans are going to have to wait and see if she has a little My Girl or not as Chlumsky and her husband — who tied the know in 2008 — have decided to keep the baby’s gender a secret for now.

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