Anna Nicole Smith’s Mom Disputes Attorney’s Paternity Claims

Anna Nicole Smith‘s grieving mother Virgie Arthur has questioned attorney Howard K. Stern’s paternity claims to her granddaughter, insisting she doesn’t think he’s baby Dannilynn’s father.

Stern made claims he was the father when he appeared on talk show Larry King Live on Tuesday, but Smith‘s ex-boyfriend, Larry Birkhead, is also asserting his fatherhood.

Now, Smith‘s mother has waded in with her opinion on TV news show Entertainment Tonight.

Speaking publicly about the paternity of baby Dannilynn, she says, “I don’t think (Howard is the father). I mean, if he thinks it’s his baby, what’s the problem? Why doesn’t he just do the (paternity) test and show everyone?”

Arthur admits she believes Birkhead, who has offered to take a paternity test to prove he’s the biological father–and has challenged Stern to do the same.

She adds, “I kind of believe him; I would like to. I would like for him to do the paternity test to see. I would like to see whose baby it is.”

Birkhead: ‘Anna Nicole Wanted to Marry Me’

The photojournalist claiming to be the father of Anna Nicole Smith‘s baby daughter has wrecked the newlywed’s Bahamian bliss by revealing the model/actress wanted to marry him earlier this summer.

After learning Smith wed her longtime attorney Howard K. Stern, who is also claiming to be the father of baby Dannilynn, in a spiritual ceremony in the Bahamas yesterday, Larry Birkhead went public with his own wedding shocker.

Appearing on last night’s news show The Insider, Birkhead said, “She (Anna Nicole) wanted me to go shopping for wedding rings for her just a couple of weeks before she took off (to the Bahamas) and I said no because we were not getting along.

“She wanted it (marriage) for the wrong reasons; she wanted it because she was pregnant.”

As for the shocking news that she wed, less than three weeks after the death of her 20-year-old son Daniel, Birkhead feels sure that his ex has been desperate to give up the single life for some time.

He adds, “I do truly believe that she wants a family.”

Then, on another news show, Entertainment Tonight, Birkhead revealed Stern has been out to keep him away from Smith ever since she started dating the photographer.

He adds, “I was told that I’m not the celebrity and my picture and my face is not to be shown… Howard told Anna that he’d never accept me as a father, that he hates me. He’s sent Anna into tears before.”

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