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Anna Paquin slams U.K. publication for printing photos of her children


Anna Paquin is slamming editors at the Daily Mail for publishing photos of her children.

Pictures of the former True Blood star, her husband Stephen Moyer, and their four-year-old twins surfaced online over the weekend (27-28May17) and after the photos were posted, online trolls took to the publication’s website to criticise Paquin’s appearance.

On Tuesday (30May17), the actress slammed the publication for printing the photos of her kids and publishing a news story about their outfits. She also hit out at the readers over their comments about her looks.

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“@DailyMail pls stop publishing pics of our kids faces,” she wrote on Twitter. “2 #bodyshamers should I hide in my #redtent & (and) not interact w (with) my kids/leave house???”

“Seriously, there are many children of public figures who get their faces blurred out in that publication,” she added. “Why not ours?”

After one of Anna’s followers on the social media site suggested the couple posted their own photos of their children online, the 34-year-old insisted she always keeps her kids’ faces shielded.

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“@smoyer and I have literally NEVER so much as posted a pic of the back of our kids heads on instagram our kids could not be more private,” she wrote.

She also slammed several followers for insisting she should accept the fact that she’s a public person due to her chosen profession.

“Plenty of publications and countries don’t allow publishing of minors pics without parental consent,” she wrote to one follower. “You’re missing the point entirely. It’s about children not being commodities of parents profession if the parents have never made them such.”

This isn’t the first time the actress has spoken out about pictures of her children appearing online – last year (16), she slammed members of the paparazzi for taking photos of the family at an Independence Day parade.

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