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Aubrey Plaza scored free Jonas Brothers concert tickets through ‘creepy’ direct messages

Actress Aubrey Plaza managed to score free tickets to a Jonas Brothers concert in Las Vegas by sending “creepy” direct messages to singer Joe Jonas.

The comedienne noticed Joe had started following her Instagram account last year (2019), and decided to take advantage of her celebrity link by reaching out to him for a freebie at her sister’s request.

“She (sister) called me and was like, ‘My dream is to go to their concert in Vegas for my birthday,'” the actress shared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “I was like, ‘Done. I’m going to creepily DM (direct message) Joe now that we’re Facebook buddies or Myspace or whatever. What the kids do.’

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“So I DMed him and was like, ‘I know you don’t know me, but I want to take my sister to your concert for her birthday and would you let us in?’ I don’t know how this works. So then he responded to me right away, very sweetly responded to me, and said, ‘Absolutely, I got you, girl. I got you in!'”

Aubrey and her sister had a good time at the show, with the Parks & Reaction star gushing, “I went to the Jonas Brothers concert, they were awesome. They got us right backstage. And we became part of their entourage!”

She also raved that Joe, Nick and Kevin Jonas took them out for a party night to remember.

“All night long we rolled around in Vegas in an SUV caravan,” Plaza said, revealing they “went clubbing” and hung out for hours following the concert.

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