Azealia Banks Swears Russell Crowe Choked Her, Spit On Her And Called Her The N-Word


Azealia Banks seemed notably shaken about her altercation with Russell Crowe in an interview with TMZ. Earlier, she revealed that the truth about their altercation would come out on Wednesday, and it appears that the rapper is sticking with her story insisting that Crowe choked her, spit on her and threw racial slurs her way.

Banks made headlines over the weekend when she posted on her Facebook page that he had been assaulted by Crowe and attacked with racial slurs. She believe the situation escalated after she turned down his flirty advances, but Crowe’s camp is telling a different story. According to conflicting sources, Crowe was actually the one who was assaulted. Apparently, Banks threatened to break glass and stab Crowe’s party guests in the throat so “blood would squirt everywhere.” Crowe allegedly kicked her out of his suite.

In her Wednesday interview, Azealia says she believes she bruised some egos and suddenly was being choked, spit on and called racial slurs by Crowe. Banks also admits to using the n-word, but says she has an excuse — she’s a rapper and uses is colloquially!

Banks also addresses why the witnesses at the party are all taking Crowe’s side. They’re his friends, so of course.

“If I did somethin f—d up at my party and nine witnesses were there, of course they’re going to side with me,” she said. “Of course they’re going to lie for me, duh!”

Banks also denies that she was acting erratically and making threats.