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Barrymore lost her cool on film set

Barrymore appeared to lose her cool when Arrested Development star Alia Shawkat couldn’t sob during a parking lot police arrest scene at the end of a 15-hour shoot.

A set insider tells WENN, “It was three o’clock in the morning and Alia’s character, Pash, gets busted for underage drinking. She was supposed to break down and cry but she just couldn’t.

“After about the fifth or sixth take Drew appeared to be getting genuinely annoyed and she started screaming and cursing at Alia, yelling, ‘What really upsets you?’

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“Alia seemed very embarrassed but she gave it one more shot and when that didn’t work Drew called it a wrap and just went over and hugged Alia. I think she was just doing a helluva good job of acting annoyed to get the emotion she wanted for the scene out of Alia.”

In the end the crying scene was cut from the film.

The source admits Barrymore impressed established extras and crewmembers with her relaxed approach to filmmaking.

He adds, “We were all surprised how competent she was. In between takes, she’d put on some music and was just her relaxed, casual self. She worked very hard on the movie and it really should have been bigger than it was.”

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