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Bella Hadid regrets not posing for Vogue in Holland sooner

Bella Hadid regrets not posing for the cover of Dutch Vogue sooner – because then her late grandmother would have been able to see it.

The 23 year-old posted images from the shoot on Instagram on Tuesday (October 22, 2019), and revealed she learned her beloved “Oma” had passed as she was wrapping up the session over the summer.

“This cover is very bitter sweet,” Bella wrote. “I’ve always wanted to do my Dutch vogue cover in Holland to represent my family, my mother, my cousins, my aunt, uncle and especially my Oma.

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“On this day, I got a phone call from my mom right when we finished our last shot. She said Oma passed that afternoon. This was one of the worst phone calls and all I wished, had I done it sooner, she would have been able to see it to tell me what she thought (sic). I hope she is proud of me. I love you Oma and Mama. This was such a memorable day in so many ways.”

Ans van den Herik, who is Yolanda Hadid’s mother, lost her battle with cancer and died this summer. Bella and her sister Gigi attended her funeral last month (September 2019).

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