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Ben Affleck Holds Up ‘The Accountant’ Premiere To Watch Red Sox Game

Ben Affleck took a break from The Accountant premiere on Monday night (10Oct16) to watch a baseball game.

The 44-year-old actor looked dapper in a dark suit as he attended the Hollywood event, which was held at the same time as the Boston Red Sox took on the Cleveland Indians in the divisional playoffs.

Being a devoted fan of the team, Ben struggled to keep his mind on his professional commitments, especially when reporter Doug Kolk gave him the chance to watch a live stream of the game on his cell phone while standing on the red carpet.

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Taking the phone, Ben said, “I’m going to have to take a break” before adding as he watched, “I’m having a heart attack … this is agonizing. I would much rather be watching the game, but this is a job.”

The Red Sox eventually lost to the Cleveland Indians in the playoff, and Ben revealed his disappointment during a chat with USA Today after the game ended.

“I saw the last play. It was very heartbreaking, so close,” he said. “It was too bad. It just didn’t happen. It hurts. But it’s not the same kind of hopeless thing when they never won. At least this is a team that wins.”

Ben’s delay was barely noticed though, as his co-star Anna Kendrick arrived to the premiere much later than the actor.

The father-of-three Ben was also asked on the red carpet about his relationship with estranged wife Jennifer Garner. Despite the pair splitting in June, 2015, the former couple were recently reported to have rekindled their romance, after they were seen enjoying dinner together without their offspring.

While he didn’t speak directly about these claims, Ben did reveal how he and Jennifer are managing to co-parent their kids while no longer a couple.

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“We do our best,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “We try our best.”

However, when it comes to helping his kids with their homework, Ben prefers to leave that to Jennifer.

“My areas of expertise with the kids (are) spotty at best,” he laughed. “Not homework. I only play an accountant in the movie. In real life, I’m badly wanting.”

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