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Ben Affleck Under Fire for Making Sexual Harassment Joke

Ben Affleck has sparked outrage on social media for seemingly making a joke about the sexual harassment allegations surrounding Hollywood in an interview.

The Good Will Hunting star recently down for a junket interview with MTV UK with his Justice League co-stars Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa, Henry Cavill, Ezra Miller and Ray Fisher, and they were asked which superhero characters they would like to join the team.

They reel off a list of superheroes, with Ben picking Black Canary as the league “could use more women”, and when Ray chooses Zatanna and explains his reasons, Ben jokingly adds, “The fishnets right?”

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The cast were then asked what they would get up to if they those new additions came onboard, and Ray began to say, “I think it would just create a different dynamic” before Ben chipped in and said, “Are you following the news at all?” with a laugh. There is an awkward silence from the cast before Ray continues his explanation.

Users on social media shared screengrabs of their reactions and one wrote, “the jl cast’s reactions to ben affleck dropping a joke about all the sexual assault allegations in hollywood is like a renaissance painting,” and another added, “this is the moment when ben affleck made a rape joke… i mean here you can see who is trash and who is not.”

Another user posted, “I am over this. Sorry but #Batman deserves better than Ben Affleck because Bruce would never make a low-blow rape joke like that. #JusticeLeague.”

A number of actors and actresses have come forward with allegations of sexual harassment and assault since the start of October (17), when The New York Times published an expose about producer Harvey Weinstein.

Shortly afterwards, a video showing Ben touching TRL presenter Hilarie Burton’s breast during a 2003 interview resurfaced and he has since apologized.

He recently told The Associated Press that he has been “looking at my own behavior and addressing that and making sure I’m part of the solution” to the issue in Hollywood, adding that he would be donating any future residual cheques he receives from Weinstein’s films to charity.

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