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The hilarious Tumblr The Carter Family Portrait Collection reimagines Beyoncé, Jay Z, and baby Blue Ivy as famous portraits through history. While of course it’s fun to see our favorite pop stars sans weave and sunglasses and instead posed as tasteful nudes, it’s also not that much different from the shockingly well composed shots that grace Bey’s official Instagram. I mean, some of those shots simply cannot be candid, right? (Unless it’s possible to take a selfie while standing 40 feet away while holding a child, working a wind machine and lighting yourself from three angles.)

Do yourself a favor and pay your respects to Bey’s fantastic hair and makeup game no matter what artistic style she’s copying by checking out all of the pictures. 

GALLERY: Beyonce in Your Living Room! 8 Works of Art with Bey Makeovers

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