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Birkhead: ‘Anna Nicole took more drugs than anyone I’ve ever seen’

The photojournalist was called to the stand in Los Angeles during an ongoing hearing to determine whether Smith’s longtime companion and lawyer Howard K. Stern and her doctors Khristine Eroshevich and Sandeep Kapoor acted inappropriately in furnishing the tragic model/actress with drugs.

Birkhead told the court his ex’s drug abuse was one of the reasons behind their split, explaining, “She took more medications than I’ve ever seen anyone take.”

He also recalled a conversation he had had with Kapoor at the height of Smith’s drug use, when he told the doctor her substance abuse was spiralling out of control.

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Birkhead recalled, “I said to him that she might be taking medicine from someone else in addition to him. He said, ‘I believe we have that under control now.'”

He also testified that Smith had prescription bottles with false names, and that Kapoor’s name was on some of the bottles.

The photographer went on to reveal that he once witnessed Stern hand Smith a bag of drugs while she was attempting to detox in hospital, but her never saw the lawyer administer any drugs. Birkhead also revealed he had clashed with Stern over Smith’s drug use.

The hearing continues. Stern, Eroshevich and Kapoor have all pleaded not guilty to any wrongdoing.

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