Blac Chyna Just Did The Best Mannequin Challenge Ever While Giving Birth


The Internet’s latest meme, the mannequin challenge, is so popular it’s almost totally over, but every once in a while, we see one that surprises us.

While giving birth to her brand new baby girl, Dream, Blac Chyna decided to try her hand at the mannequin challenge. Out of all the times in the world that you could possibly be doing that, these seems like one of the most inappropriate (but also hilarious).

The results were awesome, including Mama Bear Kris Jenner looking nervously over Chyna’s shoulder as she pretended to give birth and Rob Kardashian waiting to catch the little sucker as she was launched out of there.

It’s pretty much the best thing on the Internet this week, which we so badly needed after a very depressing election. Thank you, Chyna, for taking our minds off things, and congrats on your new, little bundle of joy. 

Checkout Chyna’s challenge below.

Dream Team 💕 #mannequinchallenge

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