Blake Shelton’s Biggest Secret Revealed: He’s Reportedly A Never-Nude

Blake Shelton, Michael Cera, Arrested Development

Never-Nude is a very serious medical condition in which the afflicted is unable to be naked in any situation. Even while alone, the literally dozens who are affected by this potentially life-ruining disease find themselves unable to disrobe. While there are treatments (some in the form of denim cut-off shorts), a cure has yet to be found.


Thanks to the show Arrested Development, the condition came to the attention of the general public.  Anyone who has ever filmed themselves dumping a bucket of ice over their heads knows that raising awareness is the first step in helping to combat these debilitating diseases. While Arrested Development provided faces to associate with Never-Nudes in the form of Tobias Fünke and Phillip Litt (guest star Zach Braff), the disease failed to be taken seriously the way other ailments are.  Perhaps neither the world’s first analrapist nor the producer of the Girls With Low Self-Esteem videos were likable enough to make people care.

But all of that is about to change.

Beloved country music superstar and judge on reality talent show The Voice, Blake Shelton, is reportedly also a Never-Nude. 

Page Six elaborates on the specifics of his condition: “he always keeps his dressing room closed. At photo shoots, he will not change on set. He goes back to his dressing room whenever he needs to take his clothes off.”


The most significant form of proof the gossip rag offers is in the form of a photo of the “Honey Bee” singer in a swimming pool with his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, wearing swimming trunks and a t-shirt while she wears a tiny two-piece. 

Here’s hoping that Blake can help raise awareness so that others suffering as Never-Nudes will be able to get the help and support they need. At the very least, here’s hoping Gwen gives him the confidence he needs to get better.