4 Books We’d Love To See Become Video Games

The Great Gatsby, book coverScribner

Towards the end of 2013 we learned about what may have been the coolest concept for a videogame ever… especially if you were a literature major. The Franz Kafka videogame sounded insanely cool and got us thinking about other literature/videogame mash-ups that should happen too. We know it sounds stange, but marrying the literary world with the fast-paced, hand-held awesomeness of a videogame could make for a lot of fun. Here are a few literary classics we’d love to play as video games.

The Iliad

Homer’s epic has been brought to the big screen with movies like Troy, but don’t you kind of want to fight the great Achilles yourself? Or better yet, be the great Achilles and take on Hector? Now that would be an awesome video game, regardless of your interest (or lack thereof) in Greek tragedy.

The Book of Genesis

Oh, yes. We are so going there. A game in which you would dodge fire and brimstone, silver-tongued snakes, and the plagues of a vengeful God who occasionally attempts to turn you into a pillar of salt. And, once you’ve beat the first 77 levels, you would be the vengeful God sending plagues and floods down from the heavens, and parting whole red seas. Sounds like a pretty exciting (albeit blasphemous) good time.

The Great Gatsby

Actually, this might work better as a Sims game. Nick, Daisy, Gatsby, a host of other bizarre characters, and all of those shirts you could stack up in Gatsby’s house? That could take up a few hours of your life… every day.

The Woman Warrior

You think an autobiography would make for a lame video game, but not Maxine Hong Kingston’s. This protagonist flies through the air and blends powerful, true-life events with Chinese folk stories. There’s no greater adventure than life itself — especially the life of a woman. Such an adventure as it’s told through the women in Kingston’s story would make for a pretty epic video game.