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Borgese’s aide sentenced to prison

Joseph ‘Joey Boy’ Orlando, linked to the Gambino organised crime family, was handed the jail term after prosecutors provided a recording in which he can be heard describing the vicious 2004 assault, according to the New York Daily News.

Darrow, real name Anthony Borgese, had asked for Orlando’s help after the victim failed to pay back a large sum to a loan shark.

Orlando then sent two men to attack the debtor, who has not been identified, leaving him with a broken jaw and ribs.

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In a transcript of the conversation, Orlando says, “Tony (Borgese) says he’s got this Jew in New York State that owes him a few dollars. They go to the house… The guy opens the door. He didn’t even have the door open, punches are going through the door. The wife comes out. They gave her a beating.”

Darrow pleaded not guilty last year (09) to a charge of extortion stemming from the incident.

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