Remembering the Victims of Boston and West, Texas: 10 Emotional Tweets

Credit: Charles Krupa/AP Photo

This week has been a sh**ty one. There’s no other way to say it. Our country has seen more loss and experienced more tears this week than it has in a long time. Between the tragic Boston Marathon bombings and the West, Tex. fertilizer plant explosion, the death toll has piled up.

But in the middle of all this terror, America has come together to fight against the pain that others are trying to inflict on us. With thoughts and prayers echoed around the country — and world — America will forever remember the victims of this week’s tragic events.

Check out 10 touching tweets from this sad week.

1. Alec Baldwin: “The bravery and effectiveness of police is a blessing. Their presence is welcome, in times like these. Yet it highlights something.”

2. Paula Pell:
 “Everyone who isn’t in Boston or West Tx right now needs to say a big deep prayer for safety and healing to whomever or whatever you look to.”

3. Julia Louis-Dreyfus:
 “My thoughts and prayers for the people in Boston. Please donate if you can,”

4. Barack Obama:
“‘We may be momentarily knocked off our feet, but we will pick ourselves up. We will keep going. We will finish the race.’ —President Obama”

5. Redbook magazine:
“Everyone in Boston and the surrounding area, please stay safe. Our thoughts are with you.”

6. Pope Francis:
 “Please join me in praying for the victims of the explosion in Texas and their families.”

7. Tim McGraw:
 “The courage and compassion of our first responders and bystanders who selflessly jumped in to help inspires us all.”

8. Texas Rangers:
 “Our thoughts are with our fellow Texans in the city of West tonight as they recover from tonight’s explosion. #TexasLove #WestTx”

9. Kevin Jonas:
 “West Texas you are in our prayers. This has been a tough week and we will keep praying”

10. Eva Longoria:
 “Keeping the people of West, Texas in my thoughts and prayers.”

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