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Brad Pitt Offers Cocktails for Being a Noisy Neighbor

Brad Pitt is making sure his new neighbors put up with construction he’s having done on his Hollywood Hills home by inviting them to a cocktail party once the work is complete.

The movie star has reportedly hired three construction crews in an effort to make sure his home is complete when girlfriend Angelina Jolie gives birth.

That means the crews are working around the clock to finish renovations on time, according to entertainment news website TMZ.com.

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But considerate Pitt has visited his neighbors to apologize for the noise, promising to stage a cocktail party once he’s settled in.

One neighbor claims the actor has also instructed his ‘night crew’ to simply paint and do other quiet jobs, so as not to disturb his neighbors after dark.

Pitt has owned the house for more than nine years, but had to give it up when he wed Jennifer Aniston because she didn’t like the place.

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