Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana Are Reported to Be Dating

What happens when the World’s Sexiest Man gets together with Pandora’s Most Beautiful Na’vi? A new species of incredibly good-looking humanoids…and a whole lot of tabloid exposure. It seems that Bradley Cooper, deemed People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive, and the lovely Avatar star Zoe Saldana are now officially dating. According to E!, the two have shared the information of their relationship with friends and family, and would be taking a ski vacation in the Rockies this holiday season.

Recent reports might have revealed claims that the duo were nothing beyond friends, but it seems as though this was all just a cover to keep the world from finding out about their plan of creating this magnificently bone-structured super-race. This report follows Saldana’s breakup with longtime boyfriend and recent fianceé, actor Keith Britton. Cooper and Saldana seem to have developed this relationship while working together on the upcoming drama/thriller The Words (in which we might see a good deal of romantic scenes between the two).

As so much of the world and its culture goes asunder, we can at least bank on the preservation of aesthetically appealing people. Don’t say Cooper and Saldana never did anything for humanity.


Source: E!