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‘Species’ Actress Natasha Henstridge Alleges Harvey Weinstein Masturbated in Front of Her

Actress Natasha Henstridge has sarcastically called herself “lucky” after allegedly becoming a sexual misconduct victim of both filmmakers Brett Ratner and Harvey Weinstein.

The Species star was one of the six women, alongside actress Olivia Munn, who spoke out about inappropriate behavior reportedly displayed by Ratner in a Los Angeles Times expose on 1 November (17).

The news, which Ratner has denied, emerged less than a month after movie mogul Weinstein faced a string of sexual harassment and abuse claims following an initial piece in The New York Times in early October (17).

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Now Henstridge has detailed her supposed encounter with Ratner in a candid interview on Megyn Kelly Today, claiming he forced her to perform oral sex on him after paying a visit to his New York apartment with a group of friends in the 1990s, before she rose to fame. She fell asleep watching a movie and woke up to find herself alone with the producer/director, who she barely knew.

“At first I thought he was just coming on strong, and trying to convince me that there was something between us, and that he was trying to be super convincing,” she shared. “That was my initial thought until I made more of an effort to sort of get out. That is when I realised he wasn’t playing around anymore. He just got very aggressive.”

A “terrified” Henstridge eventually managed to leave the apartment, remembering she ran home in tears feeling “horribly ashamed” and “dirty”.

She later told some friends and her subsequent boyfriends about the alleged incident, but the nightmare came flooding back to her years later while she was attending the Sundance Film Festival in Utah, where she took a hotel meeting with Weinstein to discuss a possible movie role, only to find herself in another uncomfortable situation as he “came on” to her “repeatedly”.

Then, “(Weinstein) pleasured himself in front of me,” the emotional star said, revealing he then tried to chase after her as she moved into another room to get away. “I did manage to avoid an actual physical attack by him.”

Ratner has acknowledged an encounter with Henstridge, but has firmly dismissed her account of their meeting.

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Weinstein previously apologized for his past dirty deeds and has repeatedly denied all accusations of non-consensual sex.

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