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Bridges’ honeymoon was a disaster

The Oscar-nominated star jetted his new bride Susan off to Maui after they wed in 1977 but admits the early days of married life were far from perfect for him.

He tells Rolling Stone magazine, “We had this terrible honeymoon… all I could do was smell the rotten tomatoes, and I was a pouting motherf**ker, just terrible.

“She (Susan) said, ‘Let’s annul this.’ I said, ‘No, no.’ I pouted like that for a year or more. Thank God she didn’t cut me loose, ’cause I was miserable to be around, but I finally got with the programme.”

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The couple now have one of the most envied marriages in Hollywood.

The actor adds, “Something I didn’t count on with marriage is that it’s gotten better on all fronts – the farther it goes on, it gets deeper and richer.”

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