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Brinkley & Cook sling insults in new court battle

The former supermodel split from the businessman in 2008, insisting he was addicted to porn. She later filed for divorce when it came to light he had conducted an affair with his teenage assistant in 2004.

The warring couple endured a bitter court battle over the details of their divorce, which was finally settled in October last year (08).

Now, a year after they officially ended their union, the pair is battling each other through the legal system again – with both parties demanding that the other should be jailed for going against specific terms of the settlement.

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In a Riverhead, New York courthouse on Wednesday, Cook’s lawyer accused Brinkley of trying to destroy his relationship with their two children by purposely not delivering their son’s passport when he was supposed to travel to Egypt with his father.

Cook stated, “She is doing everything she can to ruin my relationship with my kids. I am trying to move on with my life and I wish she would do the same.”

Cook’s lawyer added that Brinkley should face imprisonment, demanded Cook is given additional visitation rights, and that the blonde beauty should undergo anger management classes.

Meanwhile, Brinkley accused Cook of failing to stick to the rules of their settlement by talking about the divorce on U.S. TV as well as allowing his girlfriend to spend time with their kids.

Her lawyer told the judge, “We’re here because Peter Cook filed what we believe is a frivolous application to the court. What Christie Brinkley wants is what’s best for her children. She wants to get this resolved fairly and get it all behind her.”

Brinkley is also calling for her ex to be put behind bars, as well as demanding he pay her legal fees. They are due back in court on Tuesday (13Oct09).

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