BuzzWatch Video: ‘Facts That Will Make You Want To Drink’

Getting tired of mundane binge-drinking games like Beer Pong and Flip Cup? Well, a new BuzzFeed video will give you enough reasons to scrap your ol’ drunken high jinks and down a slew of shots.

This video, titled “Facts That Will Make You Want To Drink,” will get you feeling blegh… but then immediately crave a brew in order to feel better about the downers of life. So grab a drink as you are exposed to facts like the human mortality rate hitting 100%, and rainbow ice cream indeed being just plain old boring vanilla ice cream. Your life may never be the same after learning these sad, sad truths. But hey, at least you’ll have a good buzz going. 

So, fill up your cup and click play. And feel no pity for the one out of four Americans that read zero books this year. Shame on them, but whatever, I’ll drink to that!

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