Buzzwatch — Awkward Moments You Wish You Could Teleport Out Of

Just because we enjoy watching cringe-worthy situations on sitcoms doesn’t mean we want to live through them ourselves. And we don’t always have a Twix bar at the ready to get us through an awkward encounter.

Awkward Moments You Wish You Could Teleport Out OfBuzzFeedPop/YouTube

For those times when you wish you could hide under a rock of shame, Buzzfeed re-imagines a future where you can teleport yourself out of any situation, featuring the stars of CW sci-fi drama, The Tomorrow People. Just think, the next time the cops show up at your house, or you’re trapped in a painfully boring conversation, you can just snap your fingers and BAM — teleport out of there.

While we highly doubt any guy would reject the advances of Peyton List, or that Robbie Amell has such terrible elevator etiquette, we’re still impressed that both stars can pull off the look of utter mortification so perfectly. Also, pirate jokes are never funny, even if you look like a living mannequin with perfect teeth.