Calvin Harris Says “It’s All Good” With Taylor Swift’s New Relationship

taylor swift calvin harris breakup

Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift haven’t been “swan goals” for two weeks now, but the pop star has already moved on. The Style” singer was spotted smooching hunky British actor Tom Hiddleston best know for his roles as Loki in the Marvel movies.

Despite the fact that Swift seemed to almost instantly get over Harris after a year of dating, London double dates and tropical getaways, the DJ seems to be shaking it off. “It’s all good, it’s all good,” Harris said, according to TMZ. “She’s doing her thing.”

But is it really all good with Harris? When the pair initially broke it off, Harris tweeted “The only truth here is that a relationship came to an end & what remains is a huge amount of love and respect.” Swift retweeted the statement, but the day after the news of her new beau was exposed, Harris deleted his tweet along with almost every trace of her on Instagram. Taylor did the same.

In addition, fans spotted Harris tweet and delete “Oh boy it’s about to go down” followed by a bunch of skull emojis the minute the news of Taylor’s Rhode Island snuggle session hit headlines.

Harris also unfollowed Taylor and her brother on social media and blocked a bunch of Swift fans. It’s all so sad. Harris and Swift had just spent their year anniversary on a gorgeous, romantic, tropical getaway — they even had cake! What went wrong?

The thought of these two splitting and having some sour feelings for each other is almost too much to bare. Despite Harris saying it’s all good, we really have to believe it’s definitely not. What do you think?