Cameron Diaz launches vegan friendly wine brand after years of preparation


Cameron Diaz has finally fulfilled her dream of launching a vegan-friendly wine brand.

The There’s Something About Mary actress has teamed with entrepreneur Katherine Power for the venture after discovering wine products contain unhealthy additives.

“My whole life I thought it was just fermented grapes,” Diaz tells InStyle. “When your mouth turns purple from drinking red wine? That’s not natural. That’s a coloring called Mega Purple,” Diaz says.

Plus, wine isn’t traditionally vegan-friendly, she adds. “People just assume the wine they’re drinking is vegan. Most wines are not – they’re filtered through either egg whites or fish bladder lining.”

The star and Power then spent two years researching the best approaches to developing healthy alternatives before launching Avaline White and Rose.

“We had three days to basically get through France and Spain,” Diaz adds. “We had so much fun, but it probably isn’t as glamorous as you would think. We were up at 8 AM testing a hundred different wines, which for us, who knows what time that was – and spitting into a bucket. It was quite an experience.”

Avaline White and Rose are available at