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Cameron’s love for Lewis

Lewis’ track I See You features in the upcoming sci-fi movie, starring Sigourney Weaver and Sam Worthington, and the Titanic director was so impressed with the recording he contacted the Bleeding Love hitmaker straight away.

She says, “I only saw a half-hour clip of the film. It’s not finished yet, and it’s insane, awesome. I heard the song – great lyrics, very, very epic. So I went in and I did it. And then they played it to James and he phoned me up and said, ‘Oh, my God. I love you!’ He’s so cool. I had this perception that he was going to be totally untouchable and unreachable. But he’s just like your nice uncle. He’s lovely.”

It’s not the only movie song Lewis has recorded this year (09) – she’s also proud of her single Happy, which is used in Oprah Winfrey’s Precious: “I’m just so proud of it cos I wrote it, and to be associated with a film like Precious, which is about trying to overcome troubles and trials in your life. I’m glad that someone got that message.”

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