Camila Cabello won’t swear in songs because of younger sister


Camila Cabello never uses swear words in her songs because she wants to set a “good example” for her 12-year-old sister, Sofia.

The Havana hitmaker opened up about the responsibilities of being a role model to fans in an interview with Wonderland magazine. And the 22-year-old confessed she doesn’t feel under too much pressure because she’s used to leading by example when it comes to her younger sibling.

“I remember being (Sofia’s age) and how much Taylor (Swift) meant to me,” the former Fifth Harmony star shared. “I definitely don’t feel like I have to super alter my personality to feel like I’m a good example for younger girls, but at the same time, I am conscious of it.

“I haven’t sworn in any of my songs,” Camila added.

The star, who topped charts this summer (2019) with Senorita – her steamy duet with beau Shawn Mendes – added her rise to fame on The X Factor U.S. in 2012 helped her prepare for the realities of fame

“That show was amazing and gave me so many tools that I still use now, but I was so nervous and stressed the whole time,” she remembered. “I really felt like I was surviving – it was like I was on a battlefield on stage.”

Camila is expected to drop her second solo record, Romance, later this year.